Rare Claymore tuner

Hadn't seen one of these before.
Would go nicely with a Claymore amp...



  • That is rare!
  • They are very rare Quickie has one it also is strange as tuners go, it gives the Claymore more inputs. And it is analog and analog storage, and will work from 75MHz - 160MHz if tweaked.  It was design to sit alongside a Dirk amplifier.

    This one is Quickie Dirk.

  • I like that alot. Is it for sale
  • Ask Ben, it the first pic I have seen of one in a long time.
  • Justin, do you mean the tuner or the dirk preamp?
    If the tuner, click on the link "these" in the OP. Some guy in Germany is selling it on eBay. Finishes at about 7pm this evening (Sunday). Bids aren't that high at the moment.
  • I've only ever seen one other for sale, and I bought that one !

  • Sold for £92.........bargain :)

    Anyone on here ?
  • Me but sleepy from build SECA monster 200W/Ch he he he I am mad I tell you.
     Good man :)

     Me too, but mine only 1/10 the power..........
  • Not me.
    Couldn't justify spending on an analogue tuner right now. Even such a handsome and charming one!
  • I have the circuits still, so maybe you could make one Ben easy after what you do for a living.

  • edited August 2015
    I'm struggling to see a skills-link between on one hand advising and training teachers in managing challenging behavior, and on the other assembling electrical equipment, but I appreciate your confidence in me.
    Let's see how I get on with the SECA and take it from there. ;) (Is there a DAB option....?)
  • I was under bider was to slow. :((
  • Justin, sounds like you devastated.

    What's next on the list?
  • I am really what it. Trying to get inca tech things. I've got claymore one and 2 would love a gold one. Dad has an oberon classic.
    A pre and power would be nice.
  • Hey Justin, there is other equally odd amps out there so hang on. And a nice Revox Tuner would be nice, and the Gold Claymores are very rare only six ever made, there is one in  Milan Italy. Another in Bristol ,Manchester, Gloucester and Bern in Switzerland .  
  • That means there's one unaccounted for :-)
  • In that train recently found in Poland along with the Nazi gold perhaps...?
    (Btw... precious shiny pretty metal, here in Glaws...? I doubt it.)
  • No many years ago a Dave Wiley from some obscure mag nicked it to hold his office desk up,  >:)
  • I remember selling the one and only Dirk, ex display, that the first HiFi shop I worked in had. I also sold the only two Claymores they had. I was a Claymore owner then myself and thought it was the best affordable integrated I had heard. The Exposure X had just recently come out and the Naim Nait was the mags favourite. Very unusually we stocked them all and the other guys rated the X as best and frowned on my enthusiasm for the Claymore. I don't think it earned me any brownie points with Kevin E either!
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