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Hi guys ive been offered an incs design cd player (hdcd) trouble is i cant get to hear as its hundreds of miles away,are these any good as in sound and reliabilty and any issues,also been a musical fidelity x ray 24 bit already one of these and like,but im unsure which to go for read good reviews about the inca but like MF cd. Any advice would be most welcome. Also both are quite well priced (£200) and boxed and immaculate.


  • Do not buy digital lies Dan NO NO NO
  • Which one the inca?
  • Colin is still doing his King Canute act against digital, shouting from the back of his horse and cart.

    On a more serious note, won't the Inca Tech be a bit old? Old digital tends not to be a good thing, as things have moved on.
  • I'm afraid Colin is having one of his allergic reactions again...
    Is it the Katana? From what Colin said recently, he had only a little to do that (probably came out in a nasty rash at just the thought of developing a digital source and was pulled from the project).
    I've heard the Katana, but didn't rate the system it was in. And anyway I haven't heard the x-Ray so I'm unable to compare. A MuFi a3 24 DAC I had once, I did like: Nice big and full sound.
    Sorry that's a bit rubbish and unhelpful.
  • I do like the Micromega, based on the Philip chassis with lots of improvement the one I have is labeled in French, but you can't have everything.
    As Ben said the Katana was originally my design but I pulled out it was far to digital electronic I just do not get the BITs etc.
    The MF never heard one so no comment.

    There was a nice Burmeister design try finding one of those.
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