This is a humanitarian point, not a political one.
Just want to give a shout out to Refugee Action for the stirling work that they are doing in supporting people looking to find safe passage to safer places.
Keep the good work guys, you make me feel proud to be a human.



  • Justice never applies to the poor, bullies in government and companies see to that. And it is always without exception based on greed.
  • Nicely put Colin.
  • image

    Given the current state of the response, I'm not sure what the point was of establishing human civilisation.
  • The world is a mess, that's for sure.

    And, given the way many people were talking about migrants before the election here in the UK, and the state of the political class across the 'developed' world, the situation can hardly be a surprise.

    Have you watched this?:

    If only partly right, what chance have those who have no power?
  • I like your point about how a culture in which such extreme inhumanity is possible has been created over the past couple of years.
    This guy's not the worst perpertrator, but I couldn't resist rigging-up this this morning...


    I will take a look at the vid...

  • The only thing more shocking than that dreadful dreadful image, is the seeming Indifference shown towards it by the general population (perhaps due to the equally poor 'they're coming to steal our country' media portrayal). What will it take to shake people to the core like this has done to me? That's a little boy for f*ck sake. We MUST act now.

    Thanks for the aid link above Ben.

  • Just wondering what would have happened had Blair not sucked off George Bush!, agreeing to put all of the lives at risk that it has, get rid of one tyrant, more come scuttling!
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    Indeed. Many have been co-contributors to the current refugee situation.
    Hopefully now many can be co-contributors to finding the best possible solutions.

    Good on you footie fans for starters...
  • I didn't realise that Germany was still a dictatorship, playing games with human lives
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    Mark, is that a response to my previous post?
    If so, the link in my previous post should direct to a report on spontaneous action by German citizens.
  • Not at all, my post is concerning Germany's bending of agreements that have been made withing the EU, is it OK for Merkel to do this?
  • The Germans are still embarrassed over WW2
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    I think my answer is "yes", although I'm not an expert on the psychology of peril. Would things have been better for refugees in Syria, Germany and all places inbetween had Germany taken a similar line to Hungary? I don't
    know. I would actually like to hear what the refugees would say about this.
    Europe and its agreements look to me to be woefully inadequate in this situation, and whatever the rights and wrongs of Germany's policy, the lack of coordination within Europe appear to be a compounding factor. Had Merkel got more coordination with other EU countries, I would imagine safer passage could have been achieved. Though I suspect the likes of Hungarian Prime minister Victor Orban would probably have resisted any humanitarian "co-ordination". (As far as I can make out Orban is an explicit and proud racist).
    I've read elsewhere that many Germans still feel guilty about the actions of Nazis. Understandable I suppose.
  • The Hungarian premier is acting withing the EU rules and Shengen agreement, the issue is these so called refugees don't want to register who they are, attaining passports and papers etc, why is that? who knows who these people are? some of them terrorists maybe? It's unfortunate those 2 boys died, at the end of the day, their parents made the decision to get on that boat?
  • This is all media driven of course
  • On a much lighter note, I get my TOCA back from Mr Quick next week, all fully refurbished and sounding as it should :D
  • You're right. We don't know any of these refugees from Adam (or Eve !). But that's the thing with Human Rights, whatever our ethnicity, gender, politics, age, even behaviour, we're entitled to them by the simple virtue of being human.

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    Mark, good news on the TOCA.

    From my understanding the refugees want to go to Germany because they know that if they register for asylum is in Germany they have a very good chance of being allowed to stay. Whereas, if they are instead registered in Hungary they have a very good chance of being returned to Syria, as Hungary has one of the lowest approval rates in the EU for asylum applications. The Hungarian Prime minister has been very clear that Muslims (wealthy, destitute, Syrian or otherwise) are not welcome in his country. Hence the "No camp!" chants and banners on the refugee trains: the refugees know full well that if they find themselves registering in a Hungarian refugee camp, the result will almost certainly be enforced repatriation to Syria. They just want to get over the border to somewhere where they can register with a better chance of remaining in Europe.
    It looks to me that at the momemt The Shengan agreement is not fit for purpose. It seems to completely disadavatage Europe's boarder states (like Hungary or Italy) and means that Germany has to bi-pass EU processes if it wants to accomodate refugees travelling by land. Interestingly, only a couple of months ago, Hungary was blatantly flouting the agreement (clicky) when it was understandably complaining that it was having to take more refugees than its proportionate share. Why Hungarian PM Orban has done a very loud U-turn and is now sticking to it by the letter (if not in spirit) of Shenan I couldn't say.

    Anyways, I look forward to another member of the TOCA club posting his thoughts on that lovely SECA sound!
  • I've had mine for over 20 years Ben, I know only too well what it sounds like!
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    Suzy, yes a human genome is all that's required to qualify... :)
    (Obviously in general, those containing Y chromosomes are rightly *honoured* with additional privileges... :P )
  • For the record... Suzy and I are good friends off-forum. In her company I occasionally adopt a "Sid the sexist" persona simply for parody / wind-up purposes.
    Suzy tolerates this, and retaliates with hurtful jibes about my nationality (Welsh) and stature (5'7").
  • Short assed Taffy then ;)
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    Not you as well!
    This now constitutes bullying.
  • Poor Ben :(
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    5' 7" my eye!! :-?
  • And just like that, she takes a swipe at my humanity.
    Short people bleed red too you know...
  • Pleasing to see some movement in real-terms responses over past few days.
    Clearly an incredibly complicated and multi-faceted challenge. Hopefully thought-out compassionate responses might be progressing on various fronts...
  • Have hear good things about this: A Syrian Love Story
    Planning to watch tonight.
  • I watched the Panorama programme on refugees last night. I'm still feeling angry about so many aspects of the situation.
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