SA v Japan today.
Utterly brilliant.
Much better than hifi.


  • It was a great game, certainly put the wind up SA
  • Yep.
    Scotland must be bricking it...!
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    'Ere ewe go...
    England v Wales in the RWC this evening.

    Huge huge game today.
    I'm already incapable of concentrating on anything else today. Am even about to help my son clean out his gerbils in the hope it might distract me. May start drinking at 9.30am if that doesn't work.

    From Welsh rugby Web Forum 'Gwlad': "I have a one year olds birthday party - into which I have managed to
    infiltrate a number of rugby watching mates on the pretext tha they're
    bringing their kids. So it'll be men drinking and watching rugby and
    women running around after rug rats in the kitchen/garden. And yes I know - he's 1 so hasn't a clue it's his birthday. I wanted to ignore it but society "demands a do""

    Personally, I think you Saes are favourites.
    Our injury hit front row will struggle in the scrum. I think our match 15 can cope with our injuries to our backs (Halfpenny and Webb), and Lancaster's selections in the midfield help us AFAIC, but as we now have zero decent cover on the bench, we may struggle in the last 20 minutes.
    England by 2 scores.
  • What is this rugby, of which you speak?
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    It's just like hifi; only the size of those involved and the shape of the equipment differs.

    (Or maybe that's the other way around...)
  • Come on England :D
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    Not sure what the English supporters think of Mike Brown, but this was quite amusing...
    (I rate him as a player, but not as a human being.)
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    Also, not sure England need to worry to much about that last penalty, looking at the alledged infringement by Warburton, it looks like it was legal to me: Warburton stays on his feet and supports his weight on his legs at all times. Outstanding jackling in fact. No penalty...

  • In fact the more I watch that Warburton clip, the more I think it is an example of perfection at the breakdown. I'd use that as coaching footage rather than as cause for a penalty.
  • England lacked discipline all way through the game. That last try didn't make the difference - shoddy discipline was to blame. Great kicking by that kicker bloke (technical term) for Wales.
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    I have to agree Brum. I had actually mentally given up when Englad went 10 points up. But then Ill discipline, possibly compounded by a slight Welsh fitness edge and ironically the enforced Welsh substitutions putting players out of position and therefore playing in unexpected ways ((e.g Lloyds Williams' (a scrum half brought on to replace a Welsh wing) cross kick from the wing for the Welsh try - I haven't seen a crosskick from the wing like that since about 1987!)) handed Wales a victory.
  • Ben, Wales won the game because of poor English discipline, end of!
  • I have to say, Sam Burgess kept Roberts quiet until he went off, Barratt had a poor game
  • Agreed. Burgess performed better than I'd expected / hoped. There was only 1 break through the midfield while he was on the pitch IIRC (the Scotte Williams one in the first half).
    I think the Welsh performance contributed somewhat to the victory (there was some good decision making and execution in our try), but yes, I'd agree that English ill-discipline was a significant contributing factor too. Had they showed more composure and played more to their potential for the full 80, England probably could have won. Fitness...?
  • Kicking away possession mainly, why on earth did Robshaw decide to kick for the corner, 3 points on offer, should have converted
  • Chin up lads, were only facing Australia next , we could still do it :-)
  • I'm looking for a sarcastic imoticom
  • There's this Sov, though I don't think it's that good...


  • Mark,
    Yes. I think that was a mistake. As a Welshman I was relieved to see them kicking to touch.
    A mistake compounded by the mistake of throwing to the front of the resulting lineout which made it very easy for the Welsh to push the resulting maul into touch.
    Tbh it's the sort of end-of-game-pressurised-brainfarts that I'm used to witnessing from the Welsh, so I can empathise.
  • Had the kick missed then a 22 drop out would have given England back possession
  • Come on FIJI
  • Thanks Mark...!

    Disappointing (though fair) that we didn't get the bonus point.
    That might yet come back to bite us on the bum!
  • Probably, sorry Ben, can't help my patriotic heart
  • Don't apologise for your feelings. >:D<
    As long as you're not too mocking in your behaviour. :-S
  • Moi?.... Never!
  • Come on Wales
  • Sorry Wales, you put up an amazing fight,
  • Ffs, another "gallant defeat"...
    We are over-coached and out-thought. Injuries were significant in so far as we would have probably done somewhat better with Jonathan Davies, Scott Williams and Leigh Halfpenny available, but basically we are still off-the-pace when it comes to southern hemisphere sides. Somehow our brand of solid defence and physicality can do the job against European teams, but we lack the flair and nouce to seriously trouble Oz, NZ and SA.
  • But we all enjoy when The Lions turn over southern hemispheres teams don't we?
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