Mission 754 freedom

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Just got in from neighbours loft with a pair of Mission 754's in a very nice real wood looks like oak,i try and upload a picture. Anyway he wanted a tenner for them so i had to have them. I know nothing about these and cant find much about them, so does anyone know anything about them or had a pair?


  • £10 ?

    I think they were about £1500 or so new on the 90's
  • Cheers Paul,yeah £10 quid. Haven't played with them yet hopefully they be ok.
  • I done that not much came uo review wise
  • I remember Hi-Fi World liking them, but they pretty much did all mission speakers back then.

    The original 752 was excellent, apart from a slightly lively metal dome tweeter. I used a pair for a good few years.
  • Word on the street (forums) is that the 752 freedom are the ones to have, and are very well liked for a 'budget' floorstander.

    Usually make about £200 - £250 second hand. Good find!
  • My mates mate wanted to swap his Royd abbots for my 754's anyway he brought them round to my place with his amp and cd player,and we had a good listen to both speakers the Royds very nice but the Missions just pumped it out really nice tight deep bass and a very fluid mid and ever so sweet top end absolutely blew us away no wonder he wanted to swap so the Mission's are here to stay . Shame because i liked the Royds but just didnt get anywhere near the Mission's.
  • Sounds pretty decisive to your ears...
    I'm guessing your friend agreed with you as he was the one pursuing the proposed swap!

    I don't know either of these speakers btw.
  • A result! Always good.
  • Yeah man first time ever ive had a pair of speakers that actually disappear :)
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