Dave, (Uglymusic) SECA Amp's

Here they are Dave, but you will have to wait a few days for part 2










  • Well so far the one channel that is complete sound very nice but I may have to dissect the Green Goddess for parts sorry Dave.   #:-S
  • A power amp for Dave made out of a PC shell...

    What's the successor to the Green Goddess called? The Silver Surfer...?
    (You can have that one for free if you like... :P )

    Good to read it's sounding as it should. :-)
  • No Ben this are "Silver Blobs"
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    Now do not forget:-

    And others are brave like you all are here.

    Now you buy the PCB's ready made or for you to build from One4Audio.

    Ready made Amp £200.00 each
    Ready made PSU £195.00 each
    Blank unpopulated Amp PCB £20.00 each
    Blank unpopulated PSU PCB £20.00 each
  • That looks absolutely Top Notch, Colin.
    I look forward to hearing one some time soon at one of our Owston meetings.
    If it's as good as a Pass F5 but with better bass, then it'll be a real treat .
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    It should surpass the F5 (see what I did there?).

    The F5 is push-pull Class A, so may lack some of the magic of single-ended. But who knows until they are compared directly?

    @docfoster It's the Green God, of course. The Green Goddess should have been black. The Green God should have been green. Logical, really 8-}
  • @anticrap They are looking fantastic. Can't wait to hear them, but no hurry, seriously.
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    "It should surpass the F5 (see what I did there?)"

    Hopefully it will be all you could possibly wan'for (oops, it's catching!)
  • Error on price sorry

    Now you buy the PCB's ready made or for you to build from One4Audio.

    Ready made Amp £100.00 each
    Ready made PSU £95.00 each
    Blank unpopulated Amp PCB £20.00 each
    Blank unpopulated PSU PCB £20.00 each
  • The Green God (Yin and Yang, the monoblocks) are coming home this weekend!

    Watch out neighbours! Colin tells me it's a brute and very loud. Oh dear, Ugly Music played very loud :-D
  • I had them on again today, and the first words they said was, " Read the 11th Commandment :- No Digital lies" so sorry Dave they will have to stay here.  >:)
  • I only tell the Digital Truth  :-B
  • It's the big day tomorrow.

    The welcoming committee have laid on the bunting, home made lemonade and sausages on sticks.
  • Sausages on sticks I am on my way now to get in quick mmm nice and Coffee? maybe.
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    Only instant, I'm afraid. Our barista only likes One Direction and has run for shelter at an undisclosed location in the Downs.
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    Well, they're here!

    I've only had about 45 minutes to play them last night, and won't have any more time until much later in the week - I'm preparing for a conference today and will be at the conference for the early part of the week.

    Having played them at about 15 (stuff 11!) at Colin's and been amazed by their brute force and bass extension, the experience in my living room (non-soundproofed and with the neighbours hunkered down over Saturday evening TV) was of air, space, sweetness and delicacy. Yikes!

    The bass is there when it is on the recording, but I found quite a few last night which appeared to be mixed using Linn Kanns or something!

    More thoughts later in the week, when I get to play them loud!

  • Yin and Yang and coming along very nicely. After about five hours of playing, they seem to be getting less dry-sounding. 

    The result is a very nice, natural presentation. Relaxed when it needs to be and brutal if the demand is there.

    There's appreciably more space between instruments and voices than with the Green Goddess and - this is a real surprise - a load more detail, too.

    Si said elsewhere on Chews earlier that he had to move his speakers. Funnily enough, I wondered about moving the Royds last night. Tonight I'm less sure, though.

    Overall, I'm a very happy bunny :-)

  • Ah that is nice to see Dave enjoy. >:)
  • Who needs an Iridium? :-D
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    One thing I forgot to say last night is the way the system is throwing the musical image right into the room. I must be around 10 feet from the speakers and sometimes the musicians are in my lap. Just like in the old smaller room.

    I just wish musicians had better personal hygiene.
  • Good stuff Dave. Sound per pound factor sounds like it is off the scale with these amps.
  • Mine are a bit different from the kits. In the grand tradition of the Green Goddess, they've got some old stuff in them. As I understand it, they're basically the kit with the PSU with a bit of Iridium stirred in, topped off with a few upgraded components. 

    They shouldn't sound too far from the kit, and maybe the kits will sound better, as mine are partly from an older generation of Wonfor madness.

    Whichever way, I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting, and a kit with the PSU boards has to be a great thing. If you build it they will come :-)
  • It always takes a bit of time for these amps to come on song for a listening session - unless you're rich enough to leave them on 24/7, of course. 

    The Green Goddess takes 20-30 minutes; the Green God, perhaps an hour, plus.

    I need to get into the habit of switching Yin and Yang on before I start listening.

    Any of you other SECA owners disciplined enough to do this?
  • I've not really noticed any change in sound on the new amps..........cold or hot.

    The TOCA needs 30 mins or so, sounding a bit mechanical and strident from cold.

    Biggest change is the ID1P pre amp..........I leave this on all the time as seems to take a good few hours to come on song.
  • It appears that the 33,000uf @ 35V are getting harder to find, you can replace these with 22,000uF/35V or 27,000uf/35V with no change in the sound.
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