...and for dessert, Raspberry Pi

I've been playing with my RPi for a couple of weeks, and so far I'm pretty impressed.

So far, it's only been in my office system, but it sounds better than the iMac running any of the audio software I have on it - iTunes and Audirvana+ versions 1 & 2.

I'm awaiting a board to connect it to the main system, as I'm buggered if I can work out how to install the M2Tech driver on the Pi.


  • It's a slippery slope Dave. Before you know it you'll have a dedicated PSU and a re-clocker board. The Pi DAC's like the one by IQ Audio are remarkable given how little they cost.

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    The dedicated PSU is already in the plan James :-) Colin is going to be helping me out. 

    But you must tell me about the re-clocker board.

    I've ordered a HiFi Berry Digi+ board to give me S/PDIF out into the Young, rather than use the piggy-back DACs.
  • Something like one of these...


    This board can support external high precision clocks from the likes of Crystek. I use one along with a daughter board that provides galvanic isolation. Not sure how you would hook such a board up to your DAC though because the Cronus outputs separate I2S lines and not a combined SPDIF signal.

    It looks like the digi board doesn't use the Pi clock anyway which is a good thing, although it's probably slaved to it rather than doing any reclocking. The digi board can also be supplied with a transformer to provide galvanic isolation. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with it Dave.
  • I read some pretty mind curdling stuff online last night, so I'll have fun reading that link.

    I believe the Digi+ board has its own clock, but I've read contradictory claims about reclocking. I've ordered the transformer version.

    Currently, I'm being quoted two weeks' delay on delivery. We'll see.

  • I keep meaning to ask you, James. Why did you go for the Beaglebone Black?
  • My Pi is a first generation board which has no way of connecting an external clock, so I went for a Beaglebone in order to allow the use of high precision external clocks. I opted for the Twisted Pear Audio re-clocking/isolating boards and they also happen to make a cape for connecting their boards to a Beaglebone Black.
  • Ok. That makes sense. Thanks James
  • OK I got the PSU part but the rest is goobly gook to me, I bet it's all digital lies, nothing is ON or OFF the would be infinite and infinity, lots of zero's so nothing. 
    I had one for a while but the bugger just would not work correctly for me, must be something I said.

    Some good stuff here Dave and there is some Vids somewhere.

  • How do I put vids on chews???

  • Depends on where they're from.

    YouTube videos are very easy - just paste the simplest 'share' link.
  • On my hard drive about Pi.

  • BTW. My Pi is up and running.

    I'm just waiting for a board before it gets to head up the main system. Software problems for the moment have been solved.
  • Well, I'm still waiting. I wish they'd hurry up as my Mac mini is currently refusing to talk to the network.

    But it does mean I've figured out how to stream Tidal into the main system via our Apple TV. I was using an Airport Express, but had run out of sockets since the monoblocks arrived.
  • The board is on its way :-)

    Hopefully the RPi will be in the big rig this weekend.
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