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    imageFirst up is the PC it a W10 with 16gb ram i3 duel core I use Bug Head


    I have two amps The first is a NAD 7050


     its direct digital it has analogue out for the bass amp


    Speakers you probably seen on other sites


    Turntable not in use at present as funds not allow me to at present


    Next year plan to get a Sega amp and a decent phono stage and cart to get the Salvation running again but no idea what yet

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  • John, that is an innovative setup you have there. Fascinating.
    How did you come to it (ie what does it do that you like)?
    I think I heard those speakers at a show a few years back. I liked them.
  • That is one out there system John.

    I've heard some OBs I've liked a lot, but I haven't heard those ones.
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    This is John's post that didn't come across to the new thread for some reason. I'm cutting and pasting it:

    Yes it a crazy system but it works very well
    I have never taken it out to a show maybe sometime in the future! I do my best to explain the system it has taken a while to develop
    The Open baffles are based on Hawthorne Duet design but have done a lot of modifications to the IS drivers. The idea of the baffle design came from Clive Meakins Atlas system I wanted the speakers to disappear in terms of harshness from room interactions so came up with the design. It works in my room. 
    The main drivers are duel concentric and I use the NAD via the PC to power it.
    The NAD is direct digital, its a interesting concept in theory it means less jitter which I see as one of the major enemies to achieving good digital play back. The NAD also has RCA outputs that I use  to power the Behringer. I can control the crossover pretty well from the Behringer and how I am using the amp allows me to play to its strengths rather than weakness. Bass is extremely fast tight and tuneful The bass drivers are Hawthorne Auggies 
    The PC has a good memory I need with the music player I use. Bug Head is not the easiest player to use but in terms of SQ it is the best I heard apart from one I cannot get. 
    As for the what the system does it plays anything I throw at it really well so yesterday I was listening to Louis Armstrong with Duke Ellington It captures Duke subtle playing, brass instruments like trumpet sound natural. I can hear walking bass lines etc. I then listened to some Derek Trucks and the soundstage is pretty big but you can really hear everything the band is playing. Last but not least was Anouar Braham and natural harmonics from the Oud just sound beautiful. So it can play swing Jazz, yet has the speed and scale to do bands like Dream Theater really well 
    Hard to judge your own systems but I heard some very good systems and when I get home yes I hear differences but always feel happy with what I achieved  
  • Hi John

    Nice to see you over here, welcome to Chews!
  • You keep well mate good to see you posting
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