FS: Audio Physic Virgo 3's

Maple finish, in very good condition.

A few marks, a little hole in one grill (evil ginger cat) but nothing that stands out.

Best speakers i've owned, and will be missed, but needs must.

Looking for £1295 (will get some pics up soon)

Collection only from North Devon.


  • Again why? I have heard these and they are great, you not going to buy Diamonds or heaven forbid Linn Kans.
  • Same reason i'm selling the amp, plus Julie hates them.

    To be fair, they are a little large for a 13 x 10 room, but actually work really well.

    I've got some Q-Acoustics 2010 i that I will thrash with SECA watts :))
  • I'm sorry to see you're having to sell gear, Paul. I think many of us have been there.
  • Thanks Dave.

    Yep, been here before..........such is life !
  • All the best with the sale Paul. Tho I appreciate, it's an unwanted necessity.
  • Cheers buddy.

    Tbh, I sort of fancy a change anyway.........will get something even better one day :)

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