The anything-but-Class-A-or-Claymore-amp thread

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I love a Wonfor as much as the next man. Indeed, I own 4 of them myself! ^:)^
But come on Chewers, can we please have some non-Colin-product related chatter on here!


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    Can I recommend this thread, which I'm happy to add some Linuxy stuff to, just to keep the vinylheads amused :-)
  • Good move Ben, how about flying machine and new theories?

  • image

    At least one of those looks a bit single-ended to me tho...
  • No it digital or class D and never works.
  • Great clip Col'...
    And, the best thing about that video is that the one thing that the pilot (who I presume is also the designer, and who I'm guessing is not a fashionista) kept on during this maiden flight was his black socks.
  • Yep i couldn't get any info or in contact with Colin to find about a Inca Tech Claymore 2 which was a shame because i quite fancied it but without any information i wasn't  going to spend my money on a whim, So i went and bought myself an Albarry pp1 integrated and im more than happy with that.In fact its a damn fine amp that sounds beautiful with plenty of drive and its very well made :)
  • I've heard good things about Albarry before. Paul (RFC) has / had a pair of monoblocks that always worked well with his various speakers. :-)
    Sorry you couldn't get anywhere with the Claymore questions. I seem to remember that being asked before with regard to a headphone switch...? But can't remember the wider differences...
  • Yeah lots of very positive reviews on the Albarry and listening to it i can see why,think this one is a keeper plus you don't see them come up for sale hardly evet so that says something.Yep im one very happy chappy. Get one Doc or try and get a listen to one you may be surprised .
  • Sorry Ben, back online again.

    The Claymore 2 is OK Dan, but I like most prefer the Claymore 1 iss 6 and I made it .

  • You been having Internet problems Col?
  • Finger trouble, and blood poisoning again.
    That and this bloody dreadful Wireless Keyboard and Rat that work in jitter mode and has nearly learnt to fly a few times.
    I hate PC's and digital lies I just hate it.
  • That's not too good, Col.

    Get yourself a Mac :-D
  • Can I talk about bananas in this thread Ben?

    They are a truly fine fruit, aren't they?
  • They are Dave. Yes they are.
  • O:-) I am being good honest Ben  O:-)
  • Indeed you are.
    Please feel at liberty to indulge yourself in all other threads. :-)
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    That guy must be a distant relative of yours Colin. Surely...?

    Edit - I love the fact that his "How to Repair a Flat Tyre" video is realistic. Realistic in the sense that in real life, working through what should be a simple job inevitably means working through several unanticipated jobs en-route! :))
  • He is my Bruv, and nuts, watch the high voltage stuff and the phone charger. I was giggling like mad last night when I first saw this, great stuff.
    Got e-mail, thanks.
  • BMC Audio CS2 Int Amp? Anyone heard of them?

  • Never heard of them. Looks utterly cool, inside and out!
  • I may have found one ex demo and thinking of going for it. I can't really loose if I buy it as they are rare and easy to sell on. 40kg that beast weighs.

    Has anyone heard the Leema Tucana 2 int Amp? This one is also on my list, I will demo it this weekend.
  • Yes i think so. Some time ago i seem to remember hearing one at a show. No specific recollection i'm afraid, other than a general sense that i liked it.
  • Ive been trying the Leema Tucana 2 out over the weekend and my Magnum Power amp wipes the floor of it, the Magnum is so much clearer, detailed and overall fun. I tried it with many different sources and speakers but the magnum wins hands down.
  • You have advanced Wonfor-itis.

    Once caught, there's no cure ;-)
  • Seems like you have little doubt which you prefer!
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