My seca amplifier

Good evening all.
Colin bring the good man that he is dropped
Off the amp that he has been building for me.
I set it up tonight and is been on for 2 hours now. And is really starting to sing. Haven't had it up that Lound yet that will be tomorrow for abit I hope.
The bass really comes out and is deep. Very very good mid with a bright top. Makes it seem like the music is live a right in front of you very very real sounding. Very impressed and it's not worn in yet.
Very happy man :)


  • Welcome to the club Justin ;-)

    You'll have quite some time running it and if it's anything like mine, it'll get even better.
  • Nice one........enjoy :)
  • It's warming up nicely thanks Paul. :)
  • All I can say Is awesome :)
  • Another happy customer..
  • To improve the sound of the SECA I have removing C4 makes it sweet with guts.

  • If i undertake this butchery, do i get a "mk2" or "SE" badge?
  • I may need help on this col.
  • "If i undertake this butchery, do i get a "mk2" or "SE" badge?" no a yellow duck.
  • Can this be done on Yin and Yang?
  • Dave your's is a completely different animal, the Greengoddes is different again in design but they are all SECA.
  • Yup. I thought that would be case, given the bloodline.
  • Sorry Dave, I am making some 100W mono soon, and they are differernt again. 100W 8R, 200W 4R, 400W 2R but not for the DIYer.
  • No worries at all Col. Was just checking.

    100W SECA?
  • Just a baby Dave , next year Jan time I might do a 1KW version for those buying a nuclear power station.
  • For those who want heating for a cathedral-sized space :-)
  • No I have put water cooling on them for hot tubs and swimming pools.
  • Colin 100w that sounds like a good idea.
  • I have no idea what a 100w SECA sounds like...

    But just to underline, a 20W SECA sounds neither anaemic nor feeble!
  • Alan Brown and Dave have heard the forerunner to the 100W.
  • I have. And SWMBO as well.

    It was almost unbelievably powerful, but wasn't a (proper) SECA, so it suffered by not having the low-level detail and nuance the SECAs have. 

    However, it didn't swallow the lecky like a SECA.
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    Colin, your description of the effects on sound of the removal of C4 (making the sound "sweet with guts") is tickling my fancy. If I understand correctly what you might mean by "sweet with guts", and as mentioned in my One4 audio amp build tread, "gut sweetness" was one of the few areas that I felt the TOCA had the slight edge over the One4. If the removal of C4 from the One4 brings it to a par in this regard then it will quite likely usurp its elderly forebear. It's bass is already superior, to my ears.
    I intend to give my One4 amp the snip over the next few days...

    (Oh, and what was the original purpose of the gut souring C4...?)
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    So all I need to do is cut out the bugger...?
    No reconnecting anything between the empty points...?
  • Cut it out and throw away, nothing more OR less hehe
  • Thanks Colin.
    All done.
    Initial listening in the 2nd system does seem more liquidy / silky / sweet. Next step is to get the One4 in the main system to recompare it to the Toca...
  • How would that removal technically affect the sound? 
    I am a complete novice but desperate to understand the principles that make a legendary amp designer. 
    It seems to be a combination of science, art and ear.
    I have the ear only. I appreciate his amps.
  • No idea Osprey. Like you, I have only ears.
  • It affects the response time of the constant current load thus making it much faster and there for more fine details, we are talking 250nS way past our so called hearing but we can hear it.
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    Can we hear these sounds because their interactions with each other outside the audible range create soundwaves that return back into the audible range? Just as in the natural world.
  • Isn't that why compression creates unnatural sound as they remove these so called inaudible frequencies? 
  • Yes, and the other is rise time on edges of fast tones like symbols and yuk piano
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