Hi New to forum, Magnum Fan

Hi all,

I am new here and very interested in the new Claymore project, I am a mega fan of Magnum amps, I never heard the Claymore but I am planning on trying one out when Colin finishes them.

I recently bought a Hegel H360 Class A/B amp and tested it against my Magnum(please bear in mind the Hegel cost me £3400), I had the Hegel playing for 2 weeks then switched back to the Magnum and the differences were minimal. If anything the Magnum was slightly clearer but didnt have the 3D effect like the Hegel, I have decided to keep the Magnum and send the Hegel back as I would rather save the money and look into the new Claymore.

This proves that tech has not moved on that much and the used hifi market offers some absolute bargins! All I can say is well done Colin, your equipment still holds its ground now. God knows what the new claymore will be like. ;)


  • Welcome Boomer.
    Would like to hear a Magnum...
    What's the latest on the new Claymore?
  • Hi, I think Colin was saying that they will be ready in a few months, but not sure. I expect he will keep everyone updated.
  • Hi Boomer. And Welcome

    I've don't think I've heard a Magnum either, but I enjoy eating the almond ones :-)

    Have you thought of one of Colin's latest SECAs?

  • Hi there, I was thinking about the SECA amp, does it have enough power to drive difficult loads though? Really I would like a nice powerful amp.
  • Boomer, just ask most people is 15W - 20W SECA power is enough and only one fool will say no I suspect and that is me, that why I made the 300W, it was far to loud.
  • Class A watts are different. Even a low-powered SECA can make a lot of noise.

    But it does depend on your speakers and room size. The Green Goddess is 12 wpc and made more than enough noise in a normal size living room with my 83dB RRs. My latest SECA monoblocks are 30 wpc and fill a 30' room using the same speakers.

    I think others here will reinforce what I've just said.
  • What's the best I can get for my money? I have a fair amout of money saved. Is there a price list?
  • Talk to Colin about the latest configurations and prices.
  • Boomer, there is for the DIY version the other PM please.
  • In other words, you can build it yourself, or Colin can build it for you.
  • I love the brave ones, don't you Dave he he sorry. >:)
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    You mean, allowing you to build them?   >:)
  • Yep old git lose with soldering iron and power tools, 
  • I'm sure your be OK Colin, I trust you :))
  • We have to humour him by letting do a few bits and pieces, Ash. 
  • Do we have any pics of the new seca amps on here?
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    From about half way down this page is mine.
    But obviously other cases are available.
    I'm not sure which one Colin would use if asked to build the whole thing.
    I bought the boards ready made but put eveything together. Was easier than I thought. I had no prior experience of electronics (other than wiring a plug).
  • Thats a beast, does Colin recommend a Passive Pre then?
  • And Ben you did a bloody good job, so a new career for you my son he he  :D
  • I had mine built into two small PC cases.
  • Nice to work on too, oh Dave the softstart PCB have arrived will build them up.
  • Great. Thanks Col.

    No hurry. Just when you have the time.
  • UM said;
    "I've don't think I've heard a Magnum either, but I enjoy eating the almond one"

    Ooh, double choc for me! I've owned an IA1.25 and had loan of a MF250. The power amp was gutsy but I definitely prefered my Claymore to the IA1.25. A few other Magnums have passed through my hands but I ate them,erm, can't remember exactly what they were.  :D 
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