Pre Amp Buying Help?

Hi all,

I recently audition a couple of intergrated amps against my current Magnum power Amp, I prefered my Magnum overall but when I used the Preamp in the Intergrated amps with my Magnum it really blew me away, I have been using a Nakamichi CA5e2 Pre with my Magnum but now I think I would benifit from a decent Modern Pre Amp(with remote). I would also like somthing that will match well with one of Colins SECA amps as I may buy one.

Im willing to pay anything upto £2000(but ideally less), any other advice would be great.

Cheers ;)


  • What do we all use with SECAs, I wonder?

    There's my TQ Listen, which is pretty good, but hard to find.

    @Alan uses a Magnum pre with his. What are you using with your Magnum power amp @Boomer?

    And there's always Colin's tube pre that he mentions elsewhere on Chews.

  • I have been using a nakamichi CA5e2 but the integrated pres Amps were a Leema Tucana 2 and Hegel Amp.

    Idealy I would like a remote, I don't know about tube pres as I havnt used one.
  • I didn't read your post properly - sorry!

    Colin hates remotes, so you'll need to find a pre from elsewhere. I wish he'd do a pre with a remote!
  • Boomer,
    This probably is of no help to you, as I think our source arrangements are very different...
    I don't use any preamp as such with my TOCA.
    In that regard, I benefit from being media PC only (ASUS soundcard), so don't need a source select and can use the internal volume control in the JRiver media software I use.
    I'm imagining your needs are different. I have used passive preamps in the past, and liked those.
  • I have used passives before and have found the sound kinda guttless. Im not a computer source fan either really, I love the good old power/Pre/CD scenario. This is hard work, I'm going to try a Leema Pre amp and a Hegel Pre amp see how I get on that way but its good to hear your thoughts and ideas. There must be some good second hand stuff out there.

    Thanks for your reply ;)
  • Have you ever heard anything from Chord Electronics? I imagine a 2nd-hand-er from them would match the Magnum really nicely. I've heard one, (CPA2200) on an Exposure IVDR which was an excellent combo. There is of course the old (non-remote) Exposure XI & XII (pre & psu) combo which is also very nice. (Have you guessed I like older Exposure yet B-)  )
  • OK ban this Dave the remote thing has come back, where is my PILS. Relax col

  • Oh Dear! Have I hit a nerve Col? Sorry if I ruined your day. :-S

    It more for convenience than anything else Colin, or do you think I'm lazy? :))
  • Not lazy, just clocking noises in the PIC/Digital stuff screws audio up.  :((
  • Can anyone show me the link to where Colin was talking about this valve pre amp please?  ;)
  • I'd like to see Colins valve pre amp to. I do like valve.
  • "Not lazy, just clocking noises in the PIC/Digital stuff screws audio up."

    Other opinions are available... :P

    Been looking at these pre amps, this one in paticular.

     wonder how they compare to big name products?
  • I have no experience of Chinese gear like this, unfortunately, but I'd bet it's push-pull rather than single-ended.
  • Iv use one Chinese pre amp was very good but not made the best.

    Dose anyone make a pre with a high output.
  • It's a risky business chinese stuff but I feel its a cheap risk and I'm sure you could modify the product if you wish. Maybe Colin can have a look at the above link and give us an idea of the quality of components.
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