sprung or unsprung

As per title,which would be the better turntable to go for? I know about factors to take into consideration, But as a simple question which is the better?


  • It depends entirely on your own preference and to a lesser extent what level (££) you are looking at and also the partnering equipment. I have liked decks from both camps, in not-too-expensive-land the original Roksan Xerxes (unsprung hybrid) was my favourite, placing it above the LP12/Gyrodek/PT One etc. of the time.
    However, the rare as hens teeth Pink Triangle Anniversay (suspended) is definitely a few steps above the Xerxes.
    I'm not much of a Rega deck fan but do like the Pro-jects, both unsprung....so on and so on.

    I currently run a Manticore Mantra which I prefer to anything at a similar price level. (Unless I found a good Townshend Avalon at a decent price!)

    You'll really need to listen to some contenders that suit your pocket and make up your own mind.
  • That's the trouble getting to listen to something.I've been offered a rather nice Systemdek iix 900 without an arm and a very clean just serviced (main board) linn axis with mission 774lc arm different stables i know but undecided i dont like modern offering's of hifi prefer older gear sounds better,to my ear anyway.
  • The Systemdek iix 900 is very nice, in the same league and with a very similar sound to the Manticore I have. Bare in mind the cut for the arm mount, if Rega cut you can pick up a good arm for £100 on a good day. If Linn cut the entry level rises substantially, although other armboards are still available.
    I personally dislike the Axis, it never "grabbed me" musically and it had a few reliability problems. Having said that if its lasted this long it's probably OK. The one you mention also has the advantage of coming complete with tonearm.
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    It matters less whether sprung or unsprung and more on the accuracy and pitch stability in opration, and the S/N capability which to be good demands low vibrational transfer to the stylus.  Bearing design should be smooth and low noise/low wear and platter materials sufficiently damped not to impart harmonic resonance into the audible band.  That and the design and quality of tonearm and cartridge all matter way more than the type.  There are really good examples of each, perhaps the most famous suspended designs still going strong today (and arguably the best) being ones like the Michel Gyrodec, Oracle Delphi and a few others.  For fixed or solid plinth designs, there are many dozens to choose from equally as good.  Both vary from the budget through to the exotic and ludicrously expensive!
  • Is it going on the wall or floor ?

    If the latter, and you have suspended boards, decks like the Xerxes, Pink Triangle Little Pink Thing etc are not that great with foot traffic.

    The best deck i've used here was a modified PT-TOO. Was actually better then the Anniversary I had.

    If you don't mind a bit of faffing about then an original Xerxes is still excellent.

    Got one here at the moment i'm working on.
  • It will be on a concrete floor (not literally)
  • Vorsprung durch technik, is all I have to add.
  • Au-di devil did you come to that :D


    Est gefedert oder nicht gefedert. Technik ist die Frage?

    (excuse my bad Deutch)
  • cj66 said:
    Au-di devil did you come to that :D

    Very Well, thank you Chris :-D
  • VW, excellent, I'm glad you're not one of these Porsche types roaring around the Benz ;)

  • If we put them all together, would we have an Auto Union?
  • I think we're going around in circles!
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