Inca tech claymore

Hi all I have decided to sell my last inca tech claymore.
It's had the new upgrade and I good look over by Colin about two months ago. It's in lovely condition please pm me if interested
Many thanks


  • Steady on will have nothing left to use soon !

    I've got a white Claymore here, that I never use, but just can't bear to part with it (sad I know)

    Best of luck with the sale :)

  • Thanks quickie I no what you mean. White ones are rear through.

    It's just for me to try different things I need to sale bits to fund it.
  • Always regretted selling my original, I'm not letting my current one go!
  • Find the "Fluffy Blue" Claymore somebody please.
  • AntiCrap said:
    Find the "Fluffy Blue" Claymore somebody please.
    Who he?
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