Phono stage

Hi all
I'm looking for a new phono stage. Is there any out the that the out put is the same as a cd output.
Gonna use with a passive pre so need a higher output.
Many thanks. Justin


    edited January 2016
    All phonostages output at line level, that's the whole point of a phonostage ;-)

    It's the cartridge that has the low output.  A phonostage uses RIAA equalisation to EQ the incoming signal to notionally flat by boosting bass and cutting treble, then boosts output (on average) by 40dB.  Output voltage is typically 1.5V as with many other line level stages.  Just buy whatever you fancy.  It'll work.

    Passives though are bettered by most competently designed actives and don't like to drive long interconnects, to the only caution would be to keep your lead lengths short.

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