Two versions of slim Inca Tech Claymore?

Judging from some pics I've seen around the net generally there seem to be two incarnations of the slim, full width Claymore.
One is simply called Claymore, featuring, from left to right on the front panel;
power switch, balance, volume, input selector, mono button, headphone socket.
The other is called the Claymore 2 and features;
power switch, balance, volume, input selector, mute, mono, tape monitor (the headphone socket is then on the rear).

I do have some downloaded images of both and views of the circuit boards but for some reason half of these won't upload to a host.

Was this a fast progression of the design? The boards are obviously very closely related but not identical.
Another question is, judging by the size of the board, where these originally designed to fit less wide cases?

Claymore 2



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    No there is 5 soon to be 6 Claymore.

    1) the original 2/3 size 50W/ch
    2) Claymore 2 Full Size 100W/ch
    3) Claymore S Full Size 50W/ch
    4) Claymore fake from Bensley Electronics Odd Size 40-60W plus smoke
    5) TQ Claymore Geoff Size 70w/ch
    6) The New one to be made soon, prototype testing now.Full size.75W/Ch

    Oh a just a note none of the original Claymore's had Headphone on the front these all have been bodged by folk.

    There are 2 Oberon's 

    1) Standard 50W/ch
    2) Export 70W/ch

    Also a few copies from A.C.Magnum all fakes.50W/

    There are 2 Sabre
    1) Like the original Claymore but with press button 50W/ch
    2) The slim Sabre 30W/ch

    Also Inca Tech Quatra 4 channel 25W each, copied many time by others in China and the UK.

    All this info and photo's are on the web.

  • Here we go;

    Claymore 2

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    Other slim Claymore


  • is the second one the "S"? (found on hfww being called a MK3 by posters)

    Cheers Col.

    (I couldn't find exactly the clarification on the web, hence the question)
  • My God, this version was a prototype and should never be on the scene, stolen I suspect by a few twats that did work for me.
    See the unisolated wire on the transformer.
    And no BD series transistor drivers.
    And it uses a switch to control the signal not CMOS switches.
    And no bias adjustments.
    I think I destroyed the circuits some time ago I will search the dungeon and see.

    Have you a front view also note no heatsink so it should only be 50W
  • yertiz...

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