PCB layout software and schematic capture.

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PCB layout now days is made much simpler, when I first started it was tape and scalpel work and often long long hours.
I use 3 professional  schematic capture program depending on what I need to do and how many layer of track I require and simulation work.
There is lots of Spice type program and the most easiest to use I found is from Linear Technology or LTC.

LTspice IV

Can be found here.

Many other freebee can be found here.

I prefer Proteus, with Orcad and whilst at Hughes Micro Electronic and Naim Audio I used Mentor Graphic.
Mentor Graphic is not for the faint hearted and is bloody hard to use. 

Some of these company will allow you to download a Demo or student version free but beware lots of limitations.

Now go have fun chaps.

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