House rewire and hi-fi

Looks like we're going to rewire our house.

What (if anything) would you recommend specifically for powering the 'i-fi?


  • A separate radial spur, taken before the main consumer unit, using all the best quality connections and sockets available to the trade (NOT hifi trade but electrical).
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    I can recommend electricity for that.
    Tried powering the hifi with gas once. Sounded awful.
  • Dave I have always used clockwork, followed by a tea break and since you use DIGITAL LIES it should still sound crap I mean good.

    Yes separate spur not Tottenham and large cable cocker type is OK and good sockets. in shielded boxes with earths.

    Sorry mischief today is at high here.
  • I'm sure I "noticed" a difference when I fitted switchless sockets. But I may have been deluded. If so, enough to always do it.
  • Thanks everyone for giving unselfishly of their knowledge of all things hi-fi.

    So it seems I need to get a water wheel and a generator, then? :-)
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    Hi Ugly Here is an old thread of mine you may or may not find useful It's important you have a radial installed and not a ring or a spur, depending on the length of the radial to be installed will deepend on the thickness required, but if you can install no less than 10mm that would be good. So in effect you need a Henley block installed right after your house electricity meter. The Henley block is a junction box that allows you to run your radial from the incoming tails BEFORE they connect to the house consumer unit. Depending on the length of radial needed you may need a fused switch as I did, but unlikely, my instal was not really the norm as the radial I installed was 27m and under the garden as you can see from the thread. The dedicated radial conects to a dedicated consumer unit for your Hifi. Make sure the consumer unit is protected by an RCD. From there some have each piece of Hifi equipment connected to a RCBO for that piece of Hifi equipment. Some people have an extension strip hard wired to one RCBO then each piece of equipment plugged into your extension strip. In my case the dedicated consumer unit is obviously protected by an RCD then I have one RCBO, by MTBPS, Mother Trucker Balanced Power Supply, then I have each piece of Hifi equipment plugged into that. If you want to find out an awful lot more look up Roy K Riches on Pink Fish, the guy is a mains guru, but not around any more. He lives not too far from me so he popped over a couple of years ago to advise which was a real pleasure. I have a copy of his research somewhere on email if you want it. Hope that helps mate, happy to help more if you need it. Good luck!
  • Thanks James

    I'll read it all properly later and see where I get.
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    You could always invest in that new HD Electricity. lol
  • What a great idea! But I'll need really thick cables.
  • Do you know what you're going to do here yet Dave ?
  • No. Not yet. Thanks for asking James.

    Still got to find some time to read up, cost etc. I want to get some network cabling in, too.

    It'll happen sometime over the next few months, if all goes to plan.
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