Malcolm Steward

For many year I have known Malcolm and his wife Philippa and yesterday I found out for the first time he was in a serious car crash last July.
He is still hospital and slowly recovering.
Malcolm was one of the first reviewer that reviewed anything I had designed it was the Magnum 250 series. At that time he work on the magazine The Flat Earth Response. 

I like us all to wish him a quick recovery and a return home to his family.

Here below is a review he did with his sense of humour on the first production SECA I made.

Get well soon Malcolm and make us giggle again.


Long live curry powder on cornflakes. 


  • Don't know him, but a real shame for his family. Wishing him the best, he seems (from what he has written) to be nice, well adjusted person (by hifi standards!)

    Too much bad news recently!
  • I'm very sorry, Colin, I thought we had talked about Malcolm's crash.
     I didn't Know Malcolm was still in hospital. Wishing him all the best for a speedy recovery.

     Remember that magazine article well. Must have been summer 1987 ish, and I was staying with my sister in Cheltenham.

     Popped to the local newsagents across the road to get some cigs, and noticed this Hifi Review magazine with a big Grey amplifier on  the front cover !

    Must have been 15 at the time, and thought to myself I will own one of the amplifiers one day !

  • Now you're sorry I bet.  :((

  •  Lol........nope !

     I still miss my first class A amplifier I bought of yours, the ID75.......though the star of the show has to be the ID1P Pre-Amp :)

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