A wonderful day Friday 12th Feb 2016 5.55PM

17.55 PM 12/02/2016

It not all about Hi-fi or music it should be about life.

Well after coming out of Hospital, finding my car I heard cries of pain from a young woman. She was giving birth behind my car the waters broke and I got wet fe
et. It was amazing experience I held on to her until the staff came to collect her. I have just phone maternity and she had a little girl life is fantastic. Thank you new mum for sharing it with me. Thanks again to the lovely staff at Newham Uni Hospital.
Went to visit her later with card a sweets, Baby and Mun were doing fine baby girl now called "Car Park" as a nicknamed by her uncle, mum Beatrice, hug and gave me a kiss. 

The sad part she had just lost her husband called Colin, strange world.Leaving her and four lovely kids. God Bless Her. Strange world this one and a sad day Thursday with Uncle Sid and family and today new life, smashing.


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