A Tribe Called Quest: Favourite albums...?

I recently posted here that I'd realised that I didn't have any actual ATCQ albums. I had one of their compilation CDs, and various of their tunes on general complilations albums. I liked all of these tracks.

I did a bit of research regarding which of their albums were considered best, and arrived at an understanding that their 2 most highly regarded albums are (in this order):
1. "The Low End Theory" and;
2. "Midnight Marauders".
I bought both.
Also, I was surprised to read that their first album 'People's Instinctive Travels...' was widely regarded as being a bit of a messy mish-mash. I was surprised because one of the singles that it spawned had as its B-side my favourite ATCQ track 'If the Papes Come'.
I didn't buy their first album.

So, "The Low End Theory" and "Midnight Marauders" both arrived. I preferred the latter. The former sounded a bit to sparse in sound and content.
I felt a little unsatisfied, so went on and did buy their first album. Which, as it turns out, is by far my favourite of the 3 ATCQ albums that I now own. I really should have trusted myself more...

I'm wondering if anyone out there has anythoughts on the subject, or if anyone has any opinions on their last 3 albums (none of which I currently own).


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