How to make Tidal sound great

I have a Hi-Fi subscription to Tidal, and until recently have been streaming it from my iPhone or iPad to my Apple TV and on via Optical to the Young DAC.

While the results have been acceptable, they were a great deal less impressive than my own files streamed from my NAS via the Raspberry Pi. Having read some talk about Tidal's streaming being a bit less than the top quality we can achieve, I thought no more about it.

The answer to all this seems to be to use Volumio's AirPlay software to stream via the Raspberry Pi and on via the normal wired connection to the Young.

Now we're getting somewhere! The Tidal stream sounds almost as good as the local streamed files. I'm talking about, at its best, just a little more 'fug' and less space and air in the stereo image when compared to a good-to-excellent local file.

Has anyone else tried any of these kind of comparisons?


  • I've been using my smartphone on the main system quite frequently, via a Y cable (headphone jack > RCA) directly to the pre-amplifier with perfectly acceptable results.

    A snazzy new phone had me experimenting during a recent illness and time at home. I ended up trying to watch the free Radio Paradise HD photo slideshow on my TV (via mk1 TV Google Chromecast), while listening in my usual way. Or so I thought.

    I was impressed, both at the nice visuals and the step up in bass and general crispness of sound quality. I realized only later that I was casting the slideshow and the audio to the TV (via wireless and an HDMI input), which was then sent out again over optical to my DAC. A nice step-up.

  • So that's an Android version of my iOS streamed to Apple TV set-up.

    You need to get yourself a Raspberry Pi, mate :-)
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