How to set up a Raspberry Pi for hi-fi playback using Volumio

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I finally got round to finishing my how-to on setting up a Raspberry Pi. At around 2000 words, it won't fit on Chews unless I cut it up into sections, so I've posted it on my blog, Dangerous Thinking

As we've seen, there are other ways you can set up the RPi (thanks to @shoom for loads of things to try). However, using one of the MPD-based solutions such as Volumio is probably the easiest. 

Please let me know where I've confused you!


  • No confusion

    You've done a fine job.

    TBH SQ wise there's not much between the players that I've tried IMHO so it's just down to personal preference.

    IE what feels right.

  • Thanks, again.

    I hope one of Chews' Raspberry Pi virgins tries to set one up. You know what you're doing. More than I do.
  • ''You know what you're doing. More than I do''

    No I just muddle through like the rest of us but I did use Jplay for years so a little more used to the fiddle to get things going.

    that's pretty much how I started using Minimserver.

    Yes anyone wanting to try the superb PI music solution should step up.

    it's surprising what so little outlay gets SQ wise that's for sure.
  • I'm really interested in how the DAC on the RPi compares to the Young.
  • Yes in theory the USB OP is the PI's weak point and I2S direct should be better but the new 3 may have sorted that out a little with split rails for LAN and USB.

    TBH I'm kind of wedded to USB OP as I have a few DACs that use that but things change and the DAC hats for the PI seem to be getting better all the time. I've an IFI IDAC2 in ATM and it sounds really nice but I'm a Jfet sucker so maybe it's that. I'm doing a makeover on my Buffalo 3 and the DAM R2R is just getting going so some more options coming soon.

    Keep us posted on your journey.

  • Absolutely!
  • Hi Shaun it would be great if you could start a thread about your R2R DAC plans. I'm thinking about one of these DAC's to compare against my DDDAC.
  • Yes will do but I suspect it won't get close to the SQ of your DDD.

    It's on the Back burner ATM due to too many jobs.

    Nigel's work here is worth having a read through.

    I have 2 WaveIO cards to fit. one to Buffalo3 and the other to the DAM along with some Low noise PSU's.

    Or maybe just grab another PI and Go I2S direct into the DAM.

    I also Have a BB Black to try out Russ's latest offerings but it looks like you may be on that horse already.

    I think that I'll be working on the Paradise phono PSU next up as Analogue matters also.

    Choice crisis.
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