wanted: Snell Type K

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I just heard a lovely set of Snell Type K at the Scalford Hall show.  I'm not looking for a tidy pair if anyone knows of any.
Ta, Andy


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    I have a pair in my collection that I bought new in about 1990, but I'm not sure you'll convince me to part with them.
    Classic Snells from that era are truly great speakers. But I would recommend that you look for Snell Type J instead as the K has limited bass. The J is a better all-rounder and punches well above its weight.

    Keep your eye on ebay as I have seen a few Type J on there over the past 18 months.
    Hope you find some.

  • Andy - I'm not surprised you like the K's; Brian (Take5) brought his through to my room this afternoon for a short listen, very nice speakers and giving the sort of bass that only a sealed box can give.

    Whilst I don't think they'll make me sell my Royds, I can definitely put them on a short list of 2 or 3 that I'd have if my Merlins ever give up the ghost. :)
  • Andy

    I like Jason also have had a pair of k's for some time but could be tempted to part with them. Will send you a pm.





  • ooo lovely everyone thanks.  Gromit, we loved your Merlins.  Really loved them.  They're on the "new list" as of yesterday also :-)
  • Gromit's Merlins are really special, better than a Minstrel though they seem to share the same parts.
  • Gromit's was one of a few very sorted setups!  Those little beauties were fabulous.  I rather liked the tiny PMC DB1 as well.
  • Loved the sound in several rooms, none of which i knew the owners.

    Here's the pics I took, none of them tidied up.

    I missed cj0154, Paulr, and Tecnobear due to my battery running out. 
  • I've just been playing 'name that gear'. Not entirely successfully, TBH.

    Can we have a Scalford thread, please, when people have gathered their thoughts?


  • Well, thanks to Audiochews, I have a nice looking pair of Snell K on their way :-)

    Let's see what's what!

    All I need now is a decent pair of stands, something like Atacama HMS2 with a decent sized top plate to accommodate their 23x28cm base.

  • Cool! Let's see if anyone has some stands :-)
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