De-valued again.

See he has devalued me again and promoted himself.

One afternoon, at a recording studio in Somerset, Geoff Merrigan, who was then a counsellor there, he began a conversation with the owner of the studio and one of the sound engineers. As there was a strong interest in science and technology have started talking about setting up the system on sound quality, and influences various electronic devices. It appeared bold assumption according to which cables would cause problems with the quality of the recordings. Both Geoff and studio owner argued that a cable is ultimately just a cable and all you have to do is to send a signal and that's not enough power? An hour later, after they discussed theory fundamentals signal transfer via a standard cable and what exactly causes this problem, hypothesis began to make sense. Thus it was founded Tellurium Q. The new company has invested heavily in research and development to release the first cable Tellurium Q Black. Fortunately exceeded expectations and in Britain there was an immediate adoption.

Things that team Tellurium Q posed on the company's website can not contain specific information related to their cables, but contain a lot of interesting things and useful: "What the world does not understand is that to get the best performance the cable actually have to be prepared to make a compromise between several factors.


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    Well, I have been told of that meeting by someone who was actually there, who has an established record of truthfulness, integrity and technical excellence. It's a shame that the person behind all the early R&D at Tellurium Q (and arguably the person behind the vast majority of all the R&D at TQ) has had his name written out of the history of the company he helped to found. The company which, as far as I can see would have no original designs, likely no product to sell at all if it weren't for Colin Wonfor!

    The charlatans who are putting out partial stories and misinformation to build a myth surrounding this company should be thoroughly ashamed of their obfuscation. I had met one of the persons involved and would have hoped for better.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if the primary reason Tellurium Q don't engage in any meaningful technical discussion of their designs is because there is no longer anybody at the company who fully understands them.

  • If it wasn't so sickening, it could almost be a joke.

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