Inca Designs Oberon question

I am extremely privileged to own the Oberon amplifier but am trying to connect a sub using a pre-out. Which output is it on the amp?

This question is aimed at Mr. Wonfor if possible.




  • Hi Myles,

    It should be marked, but it may not be connected a couple were not as the marketing group thought it was not ever going to be used, mmm wrong again chaps.

    Post rear pic photo.

    Best Colin
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    This is the one. There are I/I, I/O, CD.D and NU. 

  • OK it is the NU socket try it, it maybe connected

  • Thanks very much Colin,,I'll try it tonight.
  • One other question; do the 'DIRECT' speaker outputs have any other function than a second set of connections?
  • One set is never switched off via a relay direct has no relay.
  • Thank you again. For your information my NU outputs are dead.
  • OK that can be connected I will try and put something together to show you how, be patient please.
  • No problem, I have actually connected via the high LFE plug into the speaker outs.

    Thanks for all your help again.
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