In association with Tellurium Q.

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In association with Tellurium Q.

Odd wording on Hi-fi Pig have TQ taken over Hi-fi pig?

Will this give us the unbiased view we come to expect from Mr Smith ?

And I was told by the legal people of TQ Sales have dropped because of me but this seems not quite right, so I got offered a palfrey sum again for my shares and the work I did to give the other directors a life style that was elusive to them before they met me.

So see pages 85 to 89 and I would love to read your views.


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    I'm too tired to read the text properly right now - but will do soon!
    Personally speaking, sponsorship deals of this sort cause me to feel disappointed ; in my mind things seem less credible - I assume some implicit bias somwhere. I suppose this is what you're suggesting Colin. I know that I would find it difficult to guaruntee complete subconscious impartiality if I was in that position. That is not to say that Hifipig can't do it, mind. I suppose we'll see.
    I notice that my PDF reader was able to find only one explicit mention of Tellurium Q in the body of this edition publication (in passing on p67).
    Also, there are plenty of other sponsorship and adverts in the mag. Understandably I suppose, as the mag is free. Obviously I understand that there are particular sensitivities to TQ here.
    What was that mag that was ad-free...?
  • Thank it was a crap deal and a bit nasty but they will suffer no real future for them but at least all there past debt will be paid by my designs so somebody will be OK.
    Well I am now doing some consultant work for a true old friend known for nearly 40yrs and always trustworthy and fun to work with no bulling about what I can say and do.
    And he relaunched a company he I started some 35yrs ago Elsdon Wonfor Audio Ltd even before Magnum days. I had a few offers from others but I do not trust now anybody new in my life that has no track record with me or anybody I have worked with, it a shame I have to be like that but that is life, and I suspect a few are pissed of by my reaction, but never again sorry.
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