My new Turntable

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I bought this the other day,boxed even with pink ribbon in a little bag it is like new. The chap bought it years ago and never used it,just sat in it's box. I paid quite a bit for it but its a new Turntable with decent arm so it was quite justified.Listening to Van Morrison :)   .Anyway good sounding deck im happy with it.



  • Go on then, spill the beans!

    Roksan Tabriz arm we can see,
    Pink Triangle LPT?
    Ortofon MC????

    Enjoy all that vinyl.
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    Yep LPT  It's wicked man sounds bloody good. Cartridge is an A&R P77 MM in fact got 2 of them in their boxes new and unused and a Audio Technica  AT-0C5  cartridge  new in its box. Really pleased with it, looking on my local gumtree for a Turntable and this springs up :)  I've had a fair amount of turntables over the years but all ways wanted a Pink Triangle, they've all ways been out of my reach for one reason or another,but a local one turns up within my budget so the wait was worth it i am so pleased with it. Even the missus accepted in the house she said ooh that's nice looking :) so it's good all round.
  • Nice one

    I have the ZI version of the Tabriz and like it much. I also like the Pink Triangle Turntables even handed sound.

    sounds like a killer combination.

    but needs the magic of the coil to really shine IMHO.

    great purchase though.
  • I agree with shoom, if you haven't tried out the AT OC5 yet give it a whirl. Assuming you have a MC capable phono stage of course.
    It's a great cartridge, sharing SQ in the same vein as the OC9.

    If, however, you are more than happy with the P77 then you should sell the OC5 for a pittance to me !
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