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Well I took the plunge deep into my wallet and the prehistoric moth was dead.

I bought for the TV Q Acoustic speakers about £180.00 RRP and connected up with the new baby amp a descendant of the Atom.
And music again fill the house as the TV has a good DAC and the Blu Ray plays CD,s well.

OK no deep bass but the image and tonal quality are bloody good, Star Trek is amazing and the film "Kingman,s" should be watched.

Any body else tried them this is the second pair I have bough, my son uses his on his TV also and with a Atom Family amp we are all Lurch forward. 

So I am looking for some stands but only 220mm high any help would be great.

Oh a Plug I bought them from Billy Vee in Lewisham, and got a lovely cup of tea and a warm welcome, nice place take a visit. Thanks Ian.


  •  I still have a pair of the little 2010i here.

     Amazing little things. No bass, but pretty good grip/drive and do come alive when you thrash the living daylights out of them !

     Only problem is, they need a good couple of foot space all around in my experience, which sort of defeats the object of tiny speakers imo.

  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the 7Kg lump it will be most useful thanks.

    Q,s I like them easy to drive.

  •  You are more then welcome Colin.

     Enjoy the Q's :)

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