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Hello all,i need to dust my TT lid as it's got about 2 month's worth of dust on it but dont want to scratch it. So what is the best cloth/material to clean it with? Thanks


  • Good question. I don''t know.
    Just don't get my mother to do it. She's ruined every single TT lid I've owned. Based on the results, I can only assume she uses swarfega applied violently with wire wool, so stay away from those.
  • I've always kept a "pretty-thang" cover on the lid, keeps the wife happy and keeps the dust off. No cleaning required.

    Maybe a very soft paint brush to the get worst off followed by a small squirt of glass cleaner polished off lightly with a soft, fluffy cloth.
  • Get the dog to lick it clean!
  • But not the cat. Their tongues are much too scratchy.
    And Doc...shame on you for getting your mum to do your dusting!!!
  • One doesn't "get" my mum to do one's dusting. One merely leaves the room to turn on the kettle and she takes liberties.
  • ah, I see, she's a commando cleaner - equipped for rapid operations. 
  • I had a picture of another sense of 'commando' for a second there...
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    uglymusic said:
    I had a picture of another sense of 'commando' for a second there...
    Lol you got that picture in my head now 
  • You filthy geriophiles.
  • I'll have you know, I never fancied any of the Spice Girls! :-)
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