TQ Iridium Listen Headphone / Preamp (HE Version with ALPS Black pot)

Hi All 

I'm a mere lurker in the parts but thought this might appeal:


I bought it from Dan (loosend) on the 'Wam a month or so ago and it would be a keeper if I hadn't just been laid off (the bastards)! 

'Chews price: £400 delivered RMSD.



PS I notice Colin has an Atom for sale, the perfect pair!


  • Listen's are very rare.
  • And very nice, too. 

    Perfect with SECAs.
  • how many were made Colin? the serial on this is only #10...
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    About 12 only, the Marketing Guru at TQ never pushed them manly because he understood little about electronics and cables were a easy sale, as Kog did the leg work,
  • Grrrrr...
  • eastone said:
    Pardon, curry again!!!!

  • i may have a buyer for this but they are asking for confirmation that it's an HE version. seems clear to me given how the amp drives and also the beginning of the serial number, 'He', but it does look like it was previously sold on head-fi as an 'L'. would you happen to know, Colin?
  • Open lid take a photo I can soon tell you.
  • Also it is not hard to upgrade a L to a HE version.
  • thanks Colin, I'll get back with a foto asap
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    Hi Colin, the image doesn't seem to want to embed but hopefully this link works for you:

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    I am sorry to say this is not a HE or even a L Listen. 

    The good news is it is the only Listen like this, It has all the updates on design and new Alps pot.
    This one was in my Lab/Listening room in Somerton at TQ,s Torture Chamber for engineers.
    Now how it escaped is another matter, it is a 1 off.

    Oh just in case you are thinking how the hell can he tell well I suspect the Dabs of Gold paint I normally splat on new designs test beds is on this somewhere. And the serial number CJ14 followed by a dated code for my log book.

  • Gosh, well now I feel very special. :) Thank-you Colin for taking the time to confirm. 

    I would dearly love to hold on to it but the wallet wins over the heart right now.

    Listen already heading home with its new owner!

    Thanks Guys.

  • I must ask if mine has the ALPS pot, Col.

    I suspect not, as I believe it was an early one.

    You know the next question... ;-)

  • Sorry Dave it has, but not the big blue ones.
  • Will the big blue one fit?
  • With care and a big mallet, YES and it will sound much better.
  • Great! It sounds pretty damned good now :-)

    Something for the near future, then.
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