Tellurium Q Ultra Blue a word of caution.

This could be interesting as Geoff never obeyed the design rules I see, the capacitance will be to high for some amps, so please use with caution.
Remember the plaited QED bye bye Naim and NVA so be careful 



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    Col, who designs the TQ stuff now you've moved on...?
  • Lord Merrigan
  • I see...
    Who puts together the "promotional" Youtube "videos"?
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    From AOS.

    Recently, due to Colin wanfors alligation that TQ, blue cable was high capacitance, the cable was sent to Dematec for testing.
    the results prove this not to be the case, and was the reason why this thread was removed.

    results then here on page 2 of 2 of the document


    So only 38pf per meter for blue and 30pf per meter for ultra blue, and nowhere near the claim. 

    Hope this will clear the record on this

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    My Reply:-

    Grant it firstly is Wonfor not wanfors they are not related.

    I am glad TQ put them out to be tested as that job was normally left to me and my LCR bridge, and it is nice to see at last TQ publishing test results.

    Now my work is done I feel better to think due diligence is done and nobody's kit will go bang,

    Thank you Grant

    PS I wondered about is it OK?
    PSS Is Dematec still trading? Or could you mean Gainspeed, TQ did use them a lot good guys.

  • If one cuts through the unpleasant social subtext, this outcome is apparently a good thing in real terms for TQ Blue users.
  • It is so no nasty dead bits and blame, good report.
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