New pi3/digi+ but can't get sound from rca's ?

Hi all, I've spent some of my bank holiday weekend, getting to grips with new (to me) tech. I've built a very pretty Pi3 with an IQ digi +. I had some problems flashing the micro usb, eventually got Rune to work, no success with Volumio, not quite sure what I had done differently when I eventually got it to work, but it works; well sort of. I can get sound from the usb port into my Arcam dac, but if I use the rca outputs from the dac+ straight into my amp, there is no sound. I downloaded the suggested software from the IQ web page, and everything else appears to be working properly. I wondered if anyone had a similar problem when setting up, and most importantly, if so, how did they fix it?


  • I'm listening to just that set of hardware at the moment so I should be able to sort you out...

    Trouble is, I'm 

    a) Pissed
    b) Can't remember the password for the RPi3!

    I'll be in touch when these are rectified... 
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    Thanks uglymusic,

    Glad that your were enjoying yourself last night, I was having similar enjoyment on friday night.
    I've just downloaded Volumio again, so will see what happens with that.
    It's all good clean fun!!

    All the best,

  • I found Rune Audio worked easier with the RPi3, but Volumio may have caught up in the meantime.

    One really important thing is your memory card. I had many problems before I hit on the right card. I've found ScanDisk Ultra cards are what work for me, while the Kingston card supplied with my original RPi wouldn't allow me to flash it successfully.

    If you haven't tried a ScanDisk Ultra card, I suggest you get one.

    Another tip is to do absolutely nothing with your computer while the card is being flashed.

    I still need to check my settings. I'll do that as soon as I can.
  • Simon,

    You say IQ Digi+ in one post and then refer to DAC+ in the next. Which is it? One outputs Digital (needing to be fed to an external DAC) and the other outputs Analogue (so straight into an amp).
  • Hi Uglymusic,

    I am using a Scandisk Ultra, as you mention doing this in your blog. I will flash a new card and see what happens.
    I tried Volumino again, but no success.

    Hi Sondale, sorry about that; it's an IQ Digi+, I tried to use the RCA's straight into my amp, but no joy. At the moment I have got it working by bypassing the IQ Digi+ via the Rp3 usb, straight into my irDac11.

    Thanks for your help Uglymusic and Sondale.


  • Simon,

    You need a DAC, the output from the Digi+ is Digital not Analogue.

    Just feed the single RCA signal from the Digi+ to your Arcam irDac11 Coax 1 or 2. Or take the Digi+ optical signal to the optical inputs on your Arcam dac.

    Have you told Rune Audio to use the Digi+?

  • Hi Sondale,

    I thought the Digi+ only had RCA's; that's all I could see. I've been connecting these to my amp directly. The Rune settings only showed my irDac, but if the Digi+ wasn't connected, it wouldn't show would it?

    I did admit that I am new to all this !! 

    Where are the coax and optical Digi+ outputs? I was also wondering why the Digi+ Dac needs to go to a further Dac, I thought they converted digital to analogue?

    Thanks for your help.

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    There may be nomenclature confusion ;

    Board below only puts out digital


    This board puts out analogue


    Which one is yours the same/similar to?
  • Mine is the bottom analogue 2 rca output board.
  • I'll leap in to keep the conversation going and hopefully get to a conclusion a little quicker for you, Simon.

    That's a DAC, not a Digi+. It has 2x RCA and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It's analogue out, so goes straight into your amp.

    So, the question is (possibly):
    • Do you want to get better SQ from your irDAC? Then you need a Digi+
    • Do you want to have a different DAC? Then you need the board you have now.
    My guess is that the DAC board for the RPi will give you worse SQ than the irDAC. So I suspect you may have the wrong board there. The coaxial digital out from the Digi+ board should give you better sound than the USB out from the RPi itself.

    Does that help? Or am I muddying the water?
  • Hi Ugly music,

    Thanks for pointing out my error and avoiding further confusion! Yes you are right, I have got a Dac+, I don't know why I thought I had a Digi+? I have managed to confuse myself somewhere down the line.
    I have the RCA's plugged into my amp, but no sound. I have to use the USB port on the RPi 3 to my irDacII to get sound, which does sound very good, considering it has a very basic amp connected at the moment, as olin has my Claymore for a check and upgrade; can't wait to get it back!!
    I've tried reflashing the card again, but to no avail.

    Sorry again Sondale and Uglymusic, I'll get there in the end!

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    Hey, no probs, Simon

    So I need to boot up my RPi2 and IQdac and have a shufti at how that's set up.
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    Here we go:


    The important parts for you, I think, are the Audio Output Interface and Volume Control settings.

    Can you try the Output Interface for your DAC and enabled-hardware setting, as above, please?
  • Thanks ugly music, I tried as you suggested. I initially had the irdac in the drop down list, as well as the rpi analog + hdmi. When I unplugged the usb cable between the rpi + irdac, I was left with just 2 options, rpi analog + hdmi. No dac+ option? I set the volume control to: enabled hardware. I have reflashed the usb card several times now, 2 attempts were on brand new cards. I have tried both rune + volumino. I can't get volumino to work at all. At least I can get rune going straight to my irdac. However, I want to get the dac+ working, so I can use it in my workshop. I notice that you have a Digi+ linked to your M2Tech Young, what are the advantages of having a dac feeding another dac? Thanks again for all the help. Simon
  • Simon, can you confirm this is the board you have.

    The Digi+ is not a DAC. It enables me to pass a cleaner signal from the RPi to the DAC.
  • Hi Uglymusic,

    I have just looked at the packaging, and I have the IQ Audio PI-Dac+, not the HIFIBerry Dac+ in your picture.

  • Have you selected I2S output under Kernel settings?
  • cotic said:
    Hi Uglymusic,

    I have just looked at the packaging, and I have the IQ Audio PI-Dac+, not the HIFIBerry Dac+ in your picture.

    That's cool. It's the one I have. So we should be able to get it up and running.

  • OK. Here's what you need to do. The customised software is here - I don't think you have the right versions as you're not seeing the pull-down option for the IQ DAC+. The other alternative is that the DAC board isn't installed correctly.


    First, download the QuickTest file and burn it to a micro SD card to make sure the hardware is OK.

    If it is, choose either the Roon Audio or Volumio file and install that. They should give you the pull-down output option for the IQ DAC (mine doesn't say DAC+. YMMV).
  • Thanks uglymusic,

    These are the software downloads I have used, both Rune and Volumio.

    I havn't tried the Quick Test, which I will do today.

    If that is OK, then I will download  new Rune software on a new Sandisk ultra; I bought 3 16GB for £16, with a Tesco buy 3 deal.

    Thanks again for helping me out.

  • Good morning ugly music, A miracle has taken place. I downloaded the test file as you suggested, and it ran perfectly. I wasn't expecting anything to happen, given my recent form, but low and behold, music came from my speakers!!! What a wonderful moment!!! I then tried the original Volumio card ( which hadn't worked last time I tried it) and it started up immediately, with no problems at all. Perfect OI, with Iqdac showing in the drop down menu. It sounded great, even with my very basic Cambridge amp that I use in my workshop. I then tried the new flash of Rune, which also worked immediately. I don't know what happened, because I didn't do anything differently that I am aware of. Anyway, thank you very much for your patience, and kind help. One last question, do you know if an iPhone or android phone will play, if I link it via the usb port on the rpi? I had a quick try last night, but no joy. Just wondered if there was a setting that needs to be set? All the best, Simon
  • That's great news, Simon.

    Welcome to the world of the Raspberry Pi!

    Help is what forums are about, so think nothing of it.

    Both Rune Audio and Volumio allow you to link the iPhone wirelessly using AirPlay. I'm not sure there's a way using Android like that. I haven't tried a USB connection for a mobile device, so unfortunately, I can't help you there.

  • Thanks again Dave, you have been brilliant.
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