Cable burn in

Simple one this hopefully
Is there such a thing as Cable interconnects/speaker cable burn in time? If so how long does it take?


  • Not simple at all, but Colin may well have an answer.

    Mine is that most cables do, in my experience, and it's as long as it takes for the cable to stop evolving its sound (here, hold the end of this piece of string, while I measure it :-) ).
  • Ok so burn in does exist,i thought soon as you use it first time it sorts itself out,but obviously not. Yep Col will let us know on this.
  • Dan, yes burn in does improve the cable,  now I have said this many time a quick burn in can be done by this strange method how it works is to allow the conductor in the cable to stretch the insulator and give a microscopic air gap, this reduces the dielectric constant of the capacitance of the cable and it value.

    Next burn in on connector and solder joints using music or random noise will migrate atoms and align the bonding this improves the conductivity of the contact, this also very small.

    Now Gold on to Copper, Silver will migrate well Gold on Gold no audible change will be heard but this does not include the solder, using Lead or Tin or even Silver and there alloys.

    So first step put cable in freezer for a day or two, then plunge the cable into very hot water and then into cold, the conductor expands the soften plastic and then the plastic cools and set with a air gap.

    Then burn in, you will notice the difference immediately after the Hot Cold treatment and the sound will improve after a few more hours afterward. As to time well current and material will decide that. 

    Have fun.
  • Wow cheers Col that is a lot to consider,the missus probly think ive lost it putting cables in the freezer lol,Thanks i just let music play as much as i can
  • It's been so long since I bought a brand new set of cables that I can't remember what my experience has been with this!
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