Hello everyone.

Just been given a tip off about the existence of Audio Chews site so thought I would sign up and say hello.

I've been messing with hi fi for 40 odd years now and currently my system comprises Harbeth P3 or Dynaudio Contour 1.3 11 speakers with 2 T+A subs , Plinius Hiato amp. Hegel 25 Dac, Audiomeca transport , and Thorens 125/SME/AT  deck. Cables are mainly TQ and Black Rhodium. 

I am after buying a set of used TQ Ultra Black 4 metre speaker cables so will be placing a wanted ad. soon.  

I'm recently retired - lucky me , so having to look for more things to fill my time with.  


  • Well welcome JonH,

    Sorry but this has to done TQ spit , now I feel better, before you embark on them wait and try the EWA cables much better and cheaper.

    Nice bunch here good chaps and ladies.

    Do have fun and Jokes please lots post

    Best Colin Wonfor
  • Thanks for the welcome Colin.

    I am very much in favour of the concept of "better and cheaper" so any info. I can get on  EWA cables will be gratefully received, and if what you say is true then,  "Today I will be happier than a seagull with a stolen chip "  !



  • I'm "happier than a seagull with a stolen chip" to welcome you to Chews, Jon :-)

    We're all waiting to hear Colin's new cables, which I'm sure will be bogglingly good.

    What do you listen to, to fill all those hours?

  • Ah, thanks for the info. re  Colin's new cables. Looks like I will have to beg to be put on the list to try them out so I will wait with interest before forking out on new speaker cables from, ahem, another manufacturer.  :) .

    Thanks for the welcome - my tastes in music are very varied eg from Debussey through to Satie and The Eagles through to Arcade Fire . Currently listening a lot to The Unthanks and Sam Lee. Also keen on female vocalists like Joni Mitchel , KD Lang, Lianne La Havas and Lisa Gerrard to name but a few.


  • Sorry, Jon. I should have said I'm Dave, and I'm the one who applies pieces of sticking plaster to keep this ship afloat.

    That is quite a varied set of music! And, I've just reminded myself about that Plinius amp. What a beast! An order of magnitude more watts than my amps 
  • Welcome to Chews Jonh. Make yourself at home.

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    Hi Jon,
    Somehow I got a nice solid feeling when I read through your kit. :-)
    I'm curious about the "2 T+A subs"... I'm a sometime sub user myself, so am interested to learn more about your grunters.
    And, I envy you your retirement.
    I have some TQ UBs (though shorter than you're after, and currently not for sale!), but like everyone else, am awaiting to see how Colin and Alan ("Sondale")'s new EWA cables compare...
    Most importantly: "Welcome!"
  • Ahem! That's not the sort of T&A you're thinking of Ben  @-)
  • uglymusic said:

    Ahem! That's not the sort of T&A you're thinking of Ben  @-)

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