Bad Manners

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I hate bad manners I try not to be rude or swear (changed of late) and when somebody helps you I believe you say "Thank You".

Now I am getting older I am going to speak out on subjects that to be honest PISS ME OFF

On another forum because I enjoy helping and sharing I for the sake of be helpful and extremely keen on DIY, and now like a fool (yes again) put up a PCB layout and gerber files. For somebody else's project.

90 people down loaded the gerber files but not even one said THANK YOU and even the designer never said THANK YOU.

So I have destroyed the web placement.

I under stand now greed is a common disease in the humans of this shit filled planet.

What is your point of view ????


  • I feel very much the same, Col. 

    These days, I'm careful where I put my energies. There's enough negativity out in the world and so I try to do my best to exclude it from Rosam Towers. Life is too short and too fragile to include in it oafs of any kind.

    Do the stuff you want to do with the people you trust and forget the rest. Oafs do find their way through from time to time, but they're so much easier to stomach when their numbers are minimised ;-)

    Chin up Col. What goes around comes around.
  • Odd this.
    I've been feeling similar for about a year now.
    So rather depressing, if also reassuring to read of similar experiences elsewhere.
    I'm coming to the notion that a part of me expects too much from the world. Wherever possible, and like Dave says, I'm trying to put my energies into those people and relationships where I can be more confident that my investments of time, effort and good will may yield some actual acknowledgement or return.
  • Thanks lads, not long now Dave MUM HELP ! he he
  • I for one very much appreciate your efforts Col but need to learn what to do with gerbers.
  • Absolutely no excuse for bad manners as described above. I also agree with the other posted sentiments. It's something I've made every effort to instill with our kids and am regularly hearing feedback at how refreshingly polite they are. Zero cost but maximum feel good factor.
  • Marra49 said:
    I for one very much appreciate your efforts Col but need to learn what to do with gerbers.
    Just click on the TUBE DIY - CADCAM.ZIP (354.3 KB) and save.

    On linked site not this one.

    But this site: -
  • OK. I've been resisting it all day, but there's only so much I can do. So...

    Don't Buster Bloodvessel over it, Col

  • I bet it;s sound great on those nice black round analogue things shhhh no names mentioned.
  • Thank you Col.
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