MoOde Audio 3 is available for download

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If you have a RPi, you might want to try out the latest upgrade to MoOde

I've put it on my RPi3 in the main system, where it seems happy. I still have version 2.7.x running in my office, where it's proved to be much more reliable than Rune Audio or Volumio. I hope v3 proves as stable.


  • Keep us posted Dave.
    When the time comes for me to go RPi (not now, not yet needed) I will be relying on your expertise!
  • Sure Ben.

    Nice thing for your System 2, perhaps?
  • Now costs $10
  • It does. In fact, I bought the latest version recently when I replaced my dead RPi 2 with a 3. It's a bargain!

    Either the 3 or the latest MoOde (or maybe the combination) is making my office system sound even better than before. I don't know why, but the difference (detail and tangibility) is definitely there.

    I haven't upgraded MoOde in the main system yet, because I've been struggling with another Raspberry Pi project over the weekend - anyone know how to point Bliss running on Ubuntu MATE at the music containing folder on a Synology NAS?
  • Do you have a preference for MoOde or Volumio?
  • MoOde, because it has given me less trouble than Volumio! I suspect it's a simple as it only being for the RPi, so it's simpler to manage and develop.

    I guess you're a Volumio fan.
  • I love both, but have only updated the Volumio, so don't really know what the current MoOde has to offer that's worthwhile for me. On the previous versions, I can't say I heard much difference in sound quality between the Mamboberry and the HiFiBerry, so it's down to useful functionslity.
  • I'm not sure I've heard much difference - if any - between Volumio and MoOde. Although I'm looking forward to putting 3.7 on the downstairs system because that will reveal any difference between 3.whatever I have on that one and the latest.

    Incidentally, have you tried Rune Audio?
  • I haven't used Rune Audio, and no-one I've talked to has. I don't know anything about it, having been advised from the outset to go with the other two.
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    I have! I have! :-D

    In the past, I've switched between RA and Volumio according to which had the most up-to-date version - eg which supported the RPi 3 first, and so on. Unless there's something gone radically wrong in the RA camp, I'd say give it a go.
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