For the first time inages I had some reasonable "earbud" type earphones that came complete with a Sansung phone. I really can't get on with the "IEM" type, no matter what type tips they have I always find them very uncomfortable to the point of hurting after only a few minutes.

There are made-to-measure types but they have a made-to-measure price to go with them!

Anyhoosen, my faithful Samsungs became faulty, most likely due to heavy handedness from yours truly!

I've tried a few recommended cheapies off the net and found all of them to be either naff in sound quality or simply drop out of my ears.
Enter the Philips SHE3205, I believe these retail at around £18 but I found mine at £12 in a local store whilst in the UK last week.

Firstly, they sound very respectable indeed, certainly a few steps up from the Samsungs they replace. Clear, enough bass, decent tone and carry a tune well. Pretty good value.



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