Prices of EWA products.

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Elsdon Wonfor Audio Limited. Retail Price List as at November 2016. Prices do not include VAT. 

*** Not yet available Q-Range of Amplifiers.
Q20 Stereo Power Amplifier - £800 

*** Q20V Stereo Power Amp with Volume Control £820 

*** Q20P Preamplifier £800 M-Range of Amplifiers.
M50 Stereo Power Amplifier £2000 

*** M50P Preamplifier £2000 

HB-Range of Amplifiers. HB100 Mono Power Amplifier £2000
*** HB100P – under development 

Claymore Integrated Amplifier – under development 

Mains Cables. 

Entry Level Mains Cable £220 for 1.5 metre cable, £60 per extra 0.5 metre. This include Silver-Plated UK/Schuko mains plug and IEC Female plug. i.e £120 per metre of cable.

 *** Top Level Mains Cable £530 for 1.5 metre £150 per extra 0.5 metre. This includes Gold-plated UK/Schuko mains plug and IEC Female plug. i.e. £300 per metre of cable. Prices for all other plugs to be determined. Speaker Cables.
*** Entry Level Speaker Cable. £300 for a stereo set of 3 metre cables, £500 for a stereo set of 5 metre cables; these prices include solid Z-type banana plugs. Price on application for bespoke lengths and terminations
Top Level Speaker cable. £900 for a stereo set of 3 metre cables. £1500 for a stereo set of 5 metre cables this includes solid Z-type banana plugs. Price on application for bespoke lengths and terminations.


  • Stop teasing us, how about some pictures if possible
  • More pictures will be going on the website this weekend.
  • Seem to be a lot of companies called EWA. Could you give the link.
  • A question on another forum:-

    "It is ironic to see both cables and amplifiers made by the same manufacturer costing approximately the same on the same price list - we all know that the intricacy and complexity of an amplifier is many orders of magnitude greater than a piece of wire. And the amplifier contains a fair amount of wire itself."

    My reply:-

    The parts in the cable are few but the rare earth material and combination of parts to make a good cable are not cheap, let alone to tooling cost to extrude the cable which needs in one case 8 tools set and made in ceramic not mild steel not cheap at all, to pay for one tool we need to sell 100Km of one cable let alone 4 types and over 25 tools set, are you suggesting we should ignore this? would you could you afford to we can't.
    The parts in the amps are produce in large number but the PCB and case tooling is still a lot less than the cable tooling.
    On top of that the labour cost to assemble this cable set is high as the PCB is built by robot pick and place machine.
    The soldering iron are not standard because of the material used the temperature must be high 400C+ and thus so does the solder no lead, and a few other bits added.
    Timing the solder is also critical to long heating and good bye cable to short no solder, a skilled job I can do it but others are far far better.
  • Excellent,any interconnects in the pipeline?
  • Yes, we hope to have them late January/ early February once all the factories are back and everyone is sober.

    By the end of the coming week the entry level speaker cable should be available in addition to the entry level Mains Cable and Top End speaker cable.

    As promised the website has been updated, however I will check it before releasing the new information.
  • What an absolutely delightful range of products.
    Bloomin lovely.
    Thank you for the update.
    I wish you all the best.
    The moment that I have the need and finances to replace / upgrade something this will certainly be my go-to menu.
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