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Hi all, I've been using a rpi3 for about 3 months now, and am very happy with it; after considerable help with set up from Chews I must add! The problem I have, is that I can connect via Ethernet with no problem, but when I follow the wifi set up instructions on moode, then disconnect the Ethernet as instructed, I don't get a connection. Every other wifi connection in the house connects with no problem; I use an apple AirPlay time capsule. I have tried to set it up many times, with the same negative outcome. I feel that I am doing something fundamentally wrong, but can't for the life of me work out what it is. I've looked on the net, but can't find an answer, no one else seems to have this problem. Any ideas anyone?


  • I connect my RPI 3 running MoOde 3 and RPI 2 running MoOde 2.7 via Wi-Fi to an Apple AirPort Extreme, so I should be able to sort you out.

    Any chance of a screen capture showing how you've set up the network in MoOde?
  • Thanks ugly music, to my rescue once again! I'm using moode 3 as well. But I'm sorry I don't know how to do a screen capture? I've got Ethernet set to dhcp, wifi dhcp (it has not in use underneath that box). Then SSID Airport below that. Then wpa/wpa2, then my network password in the box below. Access point is moode. AP Channel 6. Password is moode audio. Hope this makes sense?
  • Is the SSID actually Airport for your network?

    I'll do a screencap and post it when I'm at my office Mac tomorrow.
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    This is how mine is running on wi-fi.


    Just in case of confusion, there is an SSID in the field. I removed it because it's specific to my netwrk.
  • Thanks uglymusic, yes the SSID is Airport for my network. When I try to change the etho to wifi, it says that it is changed; it flashes up in the top right hand corner of the moode screen, but stays connected to etho? As I have mentioned, I've tried many times, but to no avail?
  • It sounds as if you don't have a wi-fi connection at the time you disconnect Ethernet. You need to have them both running before you disconnect - it's not a case of switching as you disconnect. Can you check if the wi-fi connection is working? Do you have a line saying something like X.X.X.X - signal N% under the WiFi pulldown - see screengrab.
  • No I don't have a connection, it says not in use and etho has the connection. I have the SSID set to Airport and have the correct password, I have used the setting apply button, then rebooted but nothing changes?
  • Hmm.

    Some thoughts:

    1) Is your SSID Airport or AirPort? AirPort is Apple's brand name
    2) Get someone else to type in the password, just in case you're getting blind to something in it
    3) Have you tried updating MoOde?
    4) Try downloading the software and flashing the card again
    5) If none of the above work, then it looks like a hardware problem
    6) Are you 100% certain you have an RPi 3? Earlier models require a wifi dongle to work wirelessly. If you have a 3, maybe it's faulty
    7) Pop everything in the post and I'll see if I can get it to work on my wifi
  • Thanks very much ugly music, I'll do as you suggest. My SSID is Airport ( that is the name I use for my home wifi network). It is an rpi3, I have 2 of them, 1 with a hifi berry digi+, and 1 with a. IQ Audio dac+. I have the same problem with both rpi's, I have reflashed the cards numerous times, I have the latest software, downloaded a week or so ago. As I can't get 2 rp's to work on wifi, I strongly suspect that I am not doing something, or doing something wrong. But I have been through the setup process so many times, it's starting to drive me mad with frustration!!
  • Without seeing either of the machines, or a screenshot of the setup I'm stuck.

    BTW, I'm Dave.
  • Hi Dave, I can't believe my eyes, but I've just, connected to moode again, first I saw that I had a wifi connection, so hit apply, then restart, powered off, removed etho cable, then powered up and I am now connected with wifi, etho says "not in use"!! I am so pleased, problem is, I must have done something differently, but I don't know what it is!! I can only think it was some kind of psychic intervention by yourself! So thanks very much! I'll have a go at the other rpi and see if the magic is going to work again. Thanks again for you help and patience, things were much easier when everything was powered by steam! All the best, Simon
  • Yay! Good luck with the second one.

    Support is what forums are about. And now Shaun, our original Pi Man doesn't come on here any more (what did happen to Shaun? Was it something we said?), it's my role to bang the Raspberry Pi drum! 
  • Thanks Dave, the second rpi is now running on wifi as well, hoorah. I also think I know what I was doing wrong, using an U/C A for airport SSID. Can't believe I couldn't see it, and that 'A' caused me so much frustration! At last I have got rid of that cumbersome etho cable. Thanks again Dave, it was your checklist that made me look at the wifi set up again. All the best, Simon
  • That is the nature of the human mind, Simon. We all miss things we've typed, which is why there are editors and sub-editors in online and offline publishing.

    I'd be interested in you thoughts about whether the SQ is worse over wi-fi. In the past, I haven't been able to tell the difference, but I don't have the option of Ethernet at the moment to make the comparison with the RPIs.
  • Hi Dave, I've been listening to the rpi over the weekend and I can't hear any difference in SQ with wifi. Further, I never cease to be amazed at the SQ from this tiny device!
  • That's great news, Simon. We're in complete agreement there!

    I think the RPI is crazy value. My wife has heard all sorts of stuff on recordings she hasn't noticed before, and like you, I can't believe how great they sound. The messing about you have to do in the early stages of ownership is more than rewarded by the SQL. 

    And even if they were an equivalent price to a Mac or PC, they'd still sound better. A completely bonkers bargain, IMHO.
  •  Dave, just wondered if yourself, or any other forum members have heard players that have better than RPi SQ, and how much they cost?
  • I'm sure there are, but I haven't heard anything side by side with the RPi.

    There are also various widgets and PSUs around that people say bring an improvement. That's my next stage.
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