Iss 6 Claymore circa 1985

This Claymore belongs to my friend Hugh, I have it here and he has asked me to post it on chews.

It has been upgraded with new FET,s, large PSU capacitors new diodes and a Blue Alps volume.

It is a bit worn for wear but sounds amazing.

He would like £350.00 is there any takers will post PICS  as soon as the Sun comes back.


  • Luverly.
    But, please am I allowed not to have to buy this? I have 4 Wonfor amps already.

    But yes! Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    All the best to Hugh with the sale.
     You can never have too many amplifiers Ben !

     My missus would say different though :)

  • I have loads some not so good others OK ish some to good for the world so I am keeping those he he
    But I have never own one of my Claymore's more than a few weeks they go walk about never to be seen again.
    Paul I give "J" a big hug and she will say yes, whilst gasping for air I promise he he 
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