Here's a movie I had let pass me by for two reasons; firstly I'm not keen on Costner ((sorry lady(ies) I find him a tad wooden) and the basic plot was rather too familiar.

Anyway, it popped up on TV while I was channel hopping so I thought "what the hell".

I have to say it was worth watching if you allow for the unlikely premise of the plot. Costner plays a much darker character than usual that endures a life changing experience. It bumps along quite happily with Costners slowly metamorphosizing character, the grieving leading lady, semi sympathetic doctor, desperate CIA boss and of course the actual "baddy" all bouncing off each other.

I looked up its public ratings afterwards which were generally poorish but I found it to be above average, held my attention for the duration and left me satisfied enough at its end.

On a scale, hmmmmm, 6.5/10

What do the critics know eh?!


  • Hm, haven't seen. Or indeed heard of. A little like you maybe Chris, I'll watch a film despite Costner's presence rather than because of it! But always on the look out for recommendations, so will check it out
  • I watched about half of it on Netflix and haven't gone back to it.

    Maybe I should watch the rest.
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