Scottish Mafia Hi-Fi Bake Off

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Well this weekend of to St Andrews to see Step Son and his Graduation. He is studying History and now has a BA, next year going to do a Masters Degree, and again a St Andy'.
Maria and I will be meeting up with old friends and new and a wee bit of touring around Loch Ness (no I am not going swimming).
We will be taking with us some kit for the lads at the Scottish Hi-Fi group for them to listen and evaluate, If you are in Scotland from the 24th June to the 29th June the Bake Off will be in Dunfermline, come along contact me here or the lads on the Facecrap Page.

These and the cables will be there,

2 off M100 Mono Blocks,
1 Claymore
Q20P pre-amp
Q50P pre-amp

See the report either on Facecrap or AOS

It would nice to meet you so if your there come along.

Best Col


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