Lite DAC-AH Modified

Mine has developed a fault. It now has white noise on the output. Anyone got advice on DIY fault-finding and fixing, please?


  • Oh, that's a PITA.

    And, sorry, but I can't help :-(

    I know that @brumjam has built a DAC, but I don't know if he knows about your DAC.
  • Hello - and thanks for this.
  • On a more obvious point. Have you taken it up with the makers?
  • That's a real frustration, as it was modified with enhancements by the dealer who is now out of business, and the manufacturer won't address modified units! When working correctly, it was superb, but this product from China does seem to have a history of issues such as design faults, various modified versions, and no information forthcoming on the web. It seems to be a write-off, I think.
  • These things happen, don't they?
  • It is risky buying from unknown producers and vendors. But if we only go with the establishment, we never find the breakthrough alternatives. One day I may do more homework and figure out what is faulty. I know rudimentary electronics, but don't have access to test gear.
  • I've been reading up about the DAC since you mentioned it, Richard. Looks like a whole industry has built up around it. 
  • I've only been able to find people talking about the faults - not much about fixes!
  • That's true. I've not seen any fixes, now I've come to think about it.
  • And yet, it is a highly modded design, with several well-known versions.
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    Yup. That was the 'whole industry' I've seen. 
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