Spot-defied to summit eezer

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I don't use a pay-for on line streamer as I quite frankly don't use it enough to justify a cost. Up until recently I was using Spotify, in its free guise. On the PC it was fine but on the mobile it had enforced shuffle playback, very annoying! I believe it is the same via mobile even on the paid service.

Anyway, since moving country my "while abroad" service has expired and Spotify is not available here at all. Therefore, I was in search of a new service for my occasional use.
Enter Deezer, early days, to be accurate day, as I've only started with it today. Thus far pretty impressed and certainly no enforced shuffle play, Hoorah!
It seems able to have find as many choices as Spotify and I'm suspecting better sound quality. Whether that be file quality or superior sound settings I'm not sure.

Time will tell if it's enough to tilt the balance and make me reach into my pocket for it or, more likely, Tidal....maybe even some Raspberry Pi!


  • I've not tried Deezer. 

    I have Spotify and Tidal. IMHO Tidal is worth paying for. Spotify comes with my mobile phone contract, and I use it when I can't find what I want on Tidal.

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