LOVEFiLM replacement

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I had a good thing going on.
LOVEFiLM supplied me with Blurays.
Red fox AnyDVD HD allowed JRiver MC to play those Blurays and / or play the files ripped from them.
But now LOVEFiLM is closing down in a couple of months.
First problem is my coming to terms with feeling like a grandad for still using physical carriers. I can cope with that.
Second problem is finding a new or way of getting HD movie files into my media PC. Any ideas?
The important things is I want the files in my PC, i.e. I want to avoid streaming. I don't mind whether I rip rented Blurays or download HD (at least 720p) movie files (preferably with Dolby TrueHD audio). As long as I can play them through JRiver.
I'm very happy to pay for a licensed service.


  • Ben I use a old tablet with .

    "Allcast" on it save to the SD card then use "Allcast" to send it to TV when I want to watch. I have also put it on 2 Kindle and to Tesco old Hudl and the 3 phones. 
    It also allow us to photo on the TV.

    Give it a look at.

    I also use a NAS just for vids some from Youtube and converted using another program to MP4
  • Thanks Col.
    That's a good shout.
    Will give it a go.
    I'm yet to find any stream or download that offers the quality of bluray picture and sound (tho plenty seem acceptable). I'll see what Allcast can do...
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