Ac Magnum Mf 330

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Ac Magnum Mf 330


  • Hi I've got the opertunity to purchase a Mf 330 for £370 . Is there a big difference in quality to a Mf 250 ? ( which I already own ) ! It's pretty mint but doesn't have the embossed Magnum logo on it !! In fact I can't even see it written anywhere ?
  • The link says it's still available !!
    Sorry for the time delay I'm in Bangkok with the FAMILLIY eating cheap ☝️
  • The blokes pretty much sold it to me but not happy abought no logo :( Any advice would be much appreciated ! Many thanks Steve
  • I'm not very good at all this can I have some help please ? Steve
  • Hi Spartan.
    I've moved the thread to "wanted". Hope that's ok.
    I don't know the amp tho, so can't advise on the difference between it and your current amp.
    Make the most of Thailand! :-)
  • Many thanks for your help Doc !! Thailands not doing so well with out exchange rate lol But will try my best
  • Spartan This MF330 is a USA version I suspect Kent Branford and other have done review on it in the USA.

    I am not familiar with the beasty.
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    The three little holes at the top centre of front panel is where the gold coloured Magnum badge would have been. They come now and again on auction sites.


    Sorry, the inner child took over!

  • I'm right with you in that playground.
    I wonder if Colin ever considered a golden moustache as the Magnum amp insignia...?
  • A Goldberg Viper
  • Lol many thanks for your help guys !
    I'm having second thoughts now as it's coming in at around £500 delivered
    And it's a 110 v
  • Try a EWA M50 a nice beasty. Or even M100 Mono blocks or the new evil M200 Mono Blocks.
  • AntiCrap said:

    Try a EWA M50 a nice beasty. Or even M100 Mono blocks or the new evil M200 Mono Blocks.

    We had hoped Mr. Elsdon would temper your power-mania... :-/
    (Secretly we're glad that's proved impossible. ;-) )
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    And I wonder if your Class A's are next on the EU's list...?
    ...>900watts and >80dB, h'apparently...

  • No probs make them look like a AGA

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