Our first music systems

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Adjusting the sound of my system by recent tweakings of my speakers has put me in mind of adjusting the sound of my first system using its little built-in graphic equaliser. The process is very different, and the sounds of the two systems are (I hope) not identical. But, that seeking to optimise the potential of the equipment feels very similar. I even wonder whether the "ideal/imagined" sound that I was trying to achieve back then was the same "ideal/imagined" sound that I aim for nowadays (hopefully I'm a bit closer to hifi nirvana now than I was back in my teenage bedroom).

Anyway, based on my vague memory that my first "system" was a JVC boom box of some description, and using some Google-detectiving I eventually identified the old beauty as a JVC PC-W100,
Here is an identical one in all its glory... :-)


My memories are that I thought it was cool because:
1. It had a double cassette deck.
2. It had a 5 band graphic equaliser.
3. It had detachable speakers on hifi-looking cables.
4. It had the words "Super bass horn" written on it (I wasn't exactly sure what that meant at the time. I'm still not).
5. It was 1988 and I was 14/15 years old.

Also, I remember having two concerns about it:
1. That it didn't go loud enough without distorting (and didn't go loud enough full stop).
2. That one aspect of the sound that was ever-present was the sound of an empty plastic box (i.e. the speaker cabinets themselves).

I'm very struck by how fondly I remember the old JVC. If one comes up on ebay for a few quid, I shall probably buy it.

Anyway, what I'm getting to is that I'd be interested to learn what other people remember about their first music playing device...


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