Hello Everyone

Hello and greetings from Devon, I have just been introduced to the site by Mr Colin Wonfor who visited our little record shop/cafe here in Lynton. Thank you Colin for guiding us further along the path to Audio pleasures. :)


  • Hello and welcome!
    Record shop and café sounds like the perfect combination. :-)

    In what other ways did Mr. Wonfor seek to lead you astray...?
  • Nice idea. I spotted a Thorens, Dual 5000 and the corner of something else.
    What's the rest of the kit then and what do you play in between customers.
  • Hi Cooky

    Colin has told me about your place on many occasions.

  • Hi Cooky we got back safe weather was dreadful give us a list of you vinyl recording some here will love them. Except Digital Dave (Uglymusic). We went to see Malcolm in hospital will update later. Best Col
  • Oh, that's the vinyl straw, Col!

    I was only thinking about Malcolm last week. How is he?
  • Not good, on life support but awake, can' speak or move just his left hand looks dreadful. 
  • He can speak? That's better than I had heard.
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